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The function and function of longlifish what is the nutritional value of longlifish

Longli fish has low cholesterol. This way of eating is healthy for us. So, what's the nutritional value of Longli fish? Let's have a look

nutritive value of longlifish:

1. Longlifish has the significant advantages of marine fish in nutrition. It contains high unsaturated fatty acids and protein is easy to digest and absorb. It is a kind of high-quality fish with high protein, low fat and rich vitamin.

2. Longlifish is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The relative content of saturated fatty acids in fish muscle is 38.2%, and the relative content of unsaturated fatty acids is 54.6%. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is helpful to the growth and development of human brain cells and the prevention of heart disease and various diseases. In the muscle of half smooth tongue sole, the relative content of this kind of unsaturated fatty acids is as high as 3.2%.

In order to better supplement some nutrients needed by the body, it is naturally safer and healthier to eat, because it is more conducive to human absorption. These nutrients can achieve better results in effective prevention and resolution of some diseases at the same time, so it is hoped that everyone can scientifically choose their own food.