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What's the matter with no crescent on the fingernail? What is the crescent on the finger it has been said before that the more crescent teeth on the nail, the healthier it is. If there are no or few crescent teeth, there are some health problems. Micro medicine gentleman subconsciously looked at his hand, a little flustered, is really more better?

What is the crescent on the finger exactly?

What we call crescent, which is called nail half moon or half moon mark, is a natural phenomenon formed in the process of nail growth.

The new keratinocytes on our fingers are fresh, round and white. As the new cells continue to grow, the keratinocytes will be 'squeezed' to turn white and translucent. The growth rate of methyl decreases from the center to both sides, while the time required for keratinocytes to become translucent does not change due to the different positions. Therefore, this arc of white and translucent junction is formed, which becomes the 'crescent' we see.

So, to put it simply, a crescent is a fingernail that is not completely horny.

Why can someone see the crescent moon? Can someone not?

This is related to the methyl group hidden at the end of each finger. In some people, the methyl group is higher, and the keratin cells can see very fresh keratin cells when they grow out; in some people, the methyl group is lower, and all keratin cells are no longer fresh when they are visible, and what they see is the long nails.

So it has nothing to do with personal health, but it should be noted that if you find that the number of crescent teeth on your fingers suddenly increases or decreases, especially increases, you should pay attention to your body, which may be the risk of hyperthyroidism. Because our metabolism suddenly accelerates, it may be related to hyperthyroidism.