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Can false eyelashes be reused? How to protect false eyelashes better beauty is a woman's nature. Many women use false eyelashes to make their eyelashes look thick and curly. Can false eyelashes be reused?

Can false eyelashes be reused

China advocates conservation and environmental protection. In terms of the consumption of false eyelashes, Ms. Aimei is also a practitioner of conservation and environmental protection. No is the use of false eyelashes, we can take the way of repeated use, economic savings and environmental protection. The following describes the cleaning steps after the use of false eyelashes:

1. Put the false eyelashes into a small bowl, and then pour in a proper amount of makeup remover, which should be slightly less than the false eyelashes.

Soak for 5-10 minutes

2, then poke it with a little cotton stick, and stamp the place where the false eyelashes are dirty (that is, where the glue and mascara are glued) and then find that the dirt slowly dissolves, and then slowly tear the glue off.

3. Put the cleaned false eyelashes into warm water, then use tweezers to gently swing the false eyelashes and rinse them dry

4. Take it out and put it on the paper towel to dry.

With the above methods, those who have false eyelashes at home can clean them by themselves. If they are expensive false eyelashes, they can be reused, but they need to waste more makeup remover, so it is suggested to replace them if they are relatively cheap.

Knowing the reusability of false eyelashes, how can a beauty loving lady better protect the false eyelashes so that they can be reused? The precautions are as follows:

1, do not put eye shadow and mascara on false eyelashes.

First, use eye shadow to wear false eyelashes, so that the eye shadow powder can not be removed from the false eyelashes, making it dirty and dirty, and it will not affect the next use. Do not brush mascara on false eyelashes, can not be removed, or false eyelashes will be destroyed once. If the real and false eyelashes can't be fused, you can use the electric eyelash clip to remove the real eyelashes, so that the real and false eyelashes can be fused.

2. Correct removal of false eyelashes

Many people tear off the false eyelashes directly when they remove them, which is very bad. The first one is to pull the eyelids and make them loose for a long time. Second, if the paste is not good, so that the real and false eyelashes stick together, the tear of their own real eyelashes also pulled off. Third, the false eyelashes directly torn off are easy to deform, reducing the number of times of repeated use, and the heavy ones will be discarded once.

3. How to remove false eyelashes correctly:

Apply proper amount of eye makeup remover with cotton swab, and then gently rub it on the root of false eyelashes. The technique must be as gentle as possible ~ do not use too much force when removing eye makeup. In this way, the false eyelashes will fall off automatically after a period of time.

The correct removal of false eyelashes is also the premise of the repeated use of false eyelashes. Beauty loving eyebrows can improve the awareness of this aspect.