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What should pregnant women do if they have a cold? How to prevent cold during pregnancy

In life, cold is very common, but pregnant women should pay attention to the cold, pregnant women can not take medicine if they have a cold, so what should pregnant women do if they have a cold? How to prevent cold during pregnancy? Let's take a look

precautions for cold in pregnant women!

1. First of all, pay special attention to rest. When pregnant women find out that they have a cold, they should stop doing heavy work, avoid tiredness and pressure, and reduce other problems. At the same time, pregnant women should pay attention to personal hygiene, not to densely populated places, so as not to be assimilated, infected with other germs.

2. After the cold, there are many factors to consider, especially for the new mother who is just pregnant. In this situation, her mood will be too tense and she will be at a loss. She will always wonder whether taking medicine will be bad for the fetus and what should be done. In fact, we understand the causes of the cold and the treatment of the cold, the cold is not terrible. Another home room should be ventilated at all times, and keep a good attitude. Don't worry too much, which will aggravate the illness

Treatment of cold in pregnant women

1. Method 1: for mild cold of pregnant women, only sneeze, runny nose and mild cough are available. In this case, medication is not needed. Pay attention to rest more, and drink more boiled water. Generally, it can be cured without treatment for about 7 days.

2. Method 2: pregnant women's throat is usually itchy and painful when they have a cold. They can use concentrated salt water to rinse their mouth and throat once every 10 minutes, more than 10 times to get the effect.

3. Method 3: if pregnant women have a cold and cough, they can drink hot honey lemonade first, which will make you feel more comfortable. Then beat 1 egg into a bowl, add a small amount of sugar and ginger juice, and drink 2-3 times with half cup of boiling water to stop cough.

4. Method four: pregnant women can drink chicken soup when they have symptoms of stuffy nose and runny nose, which has a good effect on clearing respiratory virus. Of course, regular drinking of chicken soup can also enhance the natural resistance of human body and prevent the occurrence of cold. Another way is to pour boiling water into the cup, put the mouth and nose into the mouth of the cup, and continuously inhale the hot steam. This way lasts several times a day, which is conducive to ventilation.

5. Method 5: if a pregnant woman has a severe cold or even a high fever, in this case, physical methods should be used to help the pregnant woman get rid of the fever as much as possible, encourage the pregnant woman to drink more water and eat more fruits, so that the poisons can be excreted from the urine. If it is still not possible, the pregnant woman should go to the hospital in time, and do not have to fight it hard. In the hospital, you must first tell the doctor that you are pregnant, so that the doctor is using it We will pay attention to the medicine. (remember)

what do pregnant women eat with a cold?

1. Sugar and pear water: This is very common. Wash and peel pears. Dice pear meat and pear kernel separately. Warm the water over low heat. Pour in Pear meat, pear skin and pear kernel. Cook slowly over low heat. Pear and water ratio is 1:2, add a small amount of ice sugar, boil it, drink a small amount many times a day.

2. Radish soup: wash and slice a white radish (just cut it), add water, cook for a while, add some sugar, drink one cup while it's hot, and then drink another cup after half an hour. This way, diuresis and detoxification.

3. Ginger sugar tea (we also call cold tea): cut ginger into several pieces, and then cut the second half of the green onion into several sections. Add water to boil and add some red pond (this is a good choice in winter).

4. The best way for pregnant women to have a cold is to drink porridge. When you have a cold, you should drink more hot porridge. Generally, you don't want to eat after a cold, and your digestion is not good. Drinking more porridge can promote absorption. Secondly, eating porridge can nourish the stomach, and it can also relieve the greasiness. It's a good choice to drink porridge with vegetables.

How to prevent cold during pregnancy!

Every night, soak your feet in hot water. As we all know, it's good for your health. When you soak your feet, the water temperature should not be too hot. It's better to fit your feet. The time for soaking your feet should not be too long. Half an hour is enough. Buy a wooden bucket with feet and legs, the effect is better. When you bubble, massage gently and relax. It can not only solve fatigue, but also prevent cold.

After getting up in the morning, you should first open the window for ventilation and rinse the mouth with light salt water to eliminate the germs in your mouth. In the morning and evening, you can also smoke vinegar once in the room, which can be controlled by yourself.

Usually eat more vitamin containing food, maintain an optimistic attitude, eat more fruits and vegetables, go for a walk or do gymnastics, strengthen exercise, and enhance physical fitness.