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What is the truth behind Su's suicide Recently, Su Hengmao's suicide has attracted the public's attention again. The programmer, Su Hengmao, founder of wephone, has an annual salary of tens of millions. His career is at the peak of his life. He has a bright future. He is at the peak of his life. Why should he choose suicide? Zhai Xinxin has also been pushed to the forefront of the storm, so what is the relationship between the two?

We have to mention Zhai Xinxin. Zhai Xinxin is Su's ex-wife. The death of Su has an inseparable relationship with Zhai Xinxin.

Zhai Xinxin and Su Hengmao, programmers, met each other for the first time. Both of them had a good impression and left their contact information. Zhai Xinxin recalled afterwards that suhengmao people looked good, cultivated, polite and enterprising. Zhai Xinxin asked Su why he was 37 years old and didn't find the right person. Su said he was too picky for ordinary people.

After meeting Zhai Xinxin, Su began to fall in love. Later, Su took Zhai Xinxin back to his hometown, visited his parents and introduced Zhai Xinxin to his family. Zhai Xinxin, who went to suhengmao's home for the first time, performed very well. He actively helped the suhengmao's family to cook, wash and wash dishes. When he went out to play, he helped to support Su's mother, which seemed to be a very harmonious picture, but later Su's eldest brother Su said: 'it's just acting'. ​​

After Zhai Xinxin and Su Hengmao got married, according to the data collected by Su Hengmao for the first time, the first major conflict between the two men came from the chat records of Su and a friend they met. In the chat record, a female friend of Su Hengmao asked about Su's recent situation and expressed regret that the two had not been able to come together at the beginning. The other side said that they were too abrupt and too busy at the beginning. They should have a meal together and get to know each other. He said that the suhengmao people were good. "You're fine, I'm fine. There are many shortcomings that need to be corrected. You'll find your fate soon. At last, Su told Zhai Xinxin the date of obtaining the license.".

However, in the eyes of his wife Zhai Xinxin, such a very plain chat has become a "betrayal", and Su henmao has been given the title of "scum man". Su explained again and again that Zhai Xinxin still refused to forgive su.

In fact, Su was not wrong, but Zhai made a fuss. But even so, Su still thinks it's his fault. What he should tell Zhai Xinxin is that he is too negligent to respond to her news. In the face of Su's repeated entreaties and apologies, Zhai Xinxin, his wife, remained unmoved. ​​

The end of the matter is that Su Hengmao paid a deposit to Zhai Xinxin. That night, he paid a deposit of 20000 yuan, saying that he would give another 200000 yuan to Zhai Xinxin the next day. At this time, Zhai Xinxin had a surprisingly good attitude and replied "OK". Then Zhai Xinxin asked for one million yuan the next day. ​​

Just after this incident, Zhai Xinxin put forward higher requirements. Zhai Xinxin said that she was not used to the high-rise houses of suhengmao and couldn't sleep at night. She wanted suhengmao to change the villas for her. However, due to Zhai Xinxin's vexatious behavior for many times, suhengmao's economy suffered pressure again and again. Suhengmao had more than enough strength to buy villas. Zhai Xinxin's attitude is tough. If he doesn't buy a villa, he will divorce. There is no room for negotiation.

After that, Zhai Xinxin moved back to his home and kept thinking about buying a villa for Su Hengmao irrigation. He sent pictures and purchase information to Su Hengmao. Su's persuasion failed many times. Zhai Xinxin even sent a picture of the scene of "Hangzhou nanny arson case" to Su Hengmao, which was used to satirize him that "high buildings are not easy to escape".

In the end, the two divorced. Su signed the divorce guarantee stipulated by Zhai Xinxin and compensated Zhai Xinxin with a deposit of 6.6 million yuan, plus the real estate. After that, Su's family learned about Su's divorce, and the family who came in a hurry learned about Su's situation, Su's sister introduced Su's lawyer. Su also actively collated all kinds of materials after he was with Zhai Xinxin, but in the end, Su didn't file a lawsuit in the court, but chose to leave. ​

Su's elder brother and sister said that Su would not easily give up his life, because Su once said that people's life is very short. If people can live two or three hundred years, it is best. Su's elder brother and sister said that Zhai Xinxin must be the reason why he chose to commit suicide as a man who cherishes life so much.

Through the incident of Zhai Xinxin, we can see that Su Hengmao is playing a "humble person" all the time. He has always been in a weak position in love and marriage. He has always been tolerant and tolerant to Zhai Xinxin, but all this has not brought Zhai Xinxin's understanding.

The degree of netizens' teasing Zhai Xinzha is comparable to 'Ma Rong'. Even we can't understand why a graduate student with a high degree is so bad in his heart? Why can't a person who is so good to you cherish it?

The programmer Su Hengmao has left, and it's meaningless to discuss the degree of Zhai Xinzao. However, no matter in love or marriage, it should be treated fairly. Just forbearing and taking the initiative will only make people humble.