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Tips for cleaning fume hood how to use fume hood cleaner

Four seas net: lampblack machine is the appliance that family kitchen produces for smoking lampblack when cooking, lampblack machine smoked lampblack in the room, but lampblack machine interior is very easy to contaminate a lot of dirt. If the range hood is not cleaned for a long time, it will become a hotbed for bacteria. What are the tips for cleaning the lampblack machine? I'll show you something about it.

Measures to prevent oil contamination in kitchen gas pipeline

The building users who use the pipeline gas will encounter this situation: the oil pollution adhering to the gas pipeline is thick and difficult to remove. This paper introduces a prevention method: firstly, clean up the oil on the gas pipe thoroughly, then cut the paper strip (5cm) with waste calendar, and wrap it up along the gas pipe, so it is not only beautiful and generous, but also convenient to exchange the dirty paper strip.

A wonderful way to remove oil from kitchen range hood

After using the range hood, clean up the oil basin. Put the plastic bag for sweet orange into the oil box and stick it to the wall of the box. When the oil in the box is full, remove the bag full of oil and replace it with a new one. This can not only solve the problem of unclean oil companies, but also use waste plastic bags, saving time.

Waste oil in the oil box of smoke can be used

Nowadays, many family kitchens use range hoods, and their oil boxes are full of waste oil in a few days. It is the best "degreaser" to remove stains on kitchen windows, ventilators and lampblack machines. Specific method: dip a rag or rag towel in the waste oil and smear it on the greasy spot, then wipe off the greasy spot with a cloth, and then polish it with a clean cloth. Articles with thick oil stain can be soaked in waste oil for a few seconds, and can be wiped off with cloth after the oil stain softens (especially thick ones need to be scraped with thin bamboo board). )

The oil in the fume oil box is available. The doors and windows are all connected by iron hinge, which often causes severe opening and closing wear. The waste oil can be spot on the hinge shaft with a small wooden stick, which not only prolongs the life of the hinge, but also reduces the noise.

Tips for cleaning the oil collecting box of the range hood

When the oil collecting box of the range hood is full of oil, the oil dirt adhering to the bottom and walls of the box is difficult to remove. If you clean the box every time, spread a thin layer of washing powder on the bottom of the box, add less water, the oil is lighter than the water, and then the oil will float on the water when there is oil accumulation. After the oil in the box is poured out during cleaning, the bottom of the box will not have oil dirt adhesion, and it is easy to clean with detergent.

Cleaning method of ceramic tile around gas stove

The white ceramic tile around the gas stove is easy to be polluted by oil splashing and fumigating, which is not easy to clean. According to the friend, the colored plastic thin wall of the calendar that was not used last year can be used

How to use cleaning agent for range hood

The range hood has become an indispensable kitchen tool for modern families. However, no matter how good the tool is, it should be cleaned up frequently. Otherwise, it will not only affect the environmental health of the kitchen, but also affect the use of the range hood for a long time, making it difficult to remove the range hood. Simple cleaning can't be eliminated. Professional cleaning agent can be used to clean the range hood.

Product function:

Cleaning and maintenance. It is difficult to remove oil stains and dirt on the surface of electrical appliances by fast decomposition, so as to achieve a new effect of brightness.

Applicable to:

Oil fume extractor, electromagnetic stove, oil fume stove, kitchen oil stain, kitchen appliances, oil fume exhaust fan, gas stove, natural gas stove, stove, pot cover, oil stain on kitchen glass, tile, stainless steel and other metal surfaces, etc

usage method:

1. Turn the nozzle to 'spray' or 'stream';

2. Spray directly to the greasy surface, and the dirt will be peeled off automatically. Wipe it with a cleaning cloth;

3. Turn the nozzle to 'off' after use.