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How long can military training recover after sunburn? How can military training prevent sunburn?

For senior high school and college students, the first thing is to have military training. Military training is an important way to exercise their will and perseverance. However, when they are exposed to the sun in the hot sun every day, their skin will definitely be tanned. How can military training prevent them from being tanned? How long can military training recover after being tanned?

How long can military training recover after sunburn varies from person to person.

Everyone was sunburned to different degrees during military training. Some people's skin was simply sunburned, while others were sunburned as well. Not only that, each person's skin has different resistance and self-healing ability.

Therefore, how long can military training recover after sunburn? Everyone's specific time is different, which is different from person to person.

How to promote skin recovery after military training and how to continue sun protection can help skin recovery

Although we don't know how long it will take for the skin to come back white, there are some ways to speed up the skin recovery.

Don't think that the skin is dark, don't sunscreen, you can abandon yourself. In a period of time after just being suntanned, if you don't pay attention to sunscreen, it will not only affect the speed of skin recovery, but also the skin will become darker after being stimulated by ultraviolet light! Therefore, don't give up sunscreen.

Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out. If it's not often outdoors, reapply it at noon. If it's outdoor activities, reapply it in 2-3 hours. Take sunscreen umbrella, sunscreen hat and other items, and try to keep skin away from sunshine.

How can military training not be tanned Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen products include sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen spray. These sunscreens can be sunscreen, choose which one you like, and look at your preferences. Sunscreen is one of the key things in military training. It can protect our skin from ultraviolet rays. Therefore, children in military training must not forget to apply it.

When choosing the sunscreen for military training, it is recommended to use sunscreen with spf50 or above because of the high UV outside, and if it is waterproof and sweat proof, the effect of sunscreen should not be affected by sweat.

In addition, 30 minutes before military training should be applied. If the sun is big, it should be applied every 2 hours. Therefore, it is recommended to choose small bottles of sunscreen that can be carried with you.

Wear sunscreen

Items such as sunscreen umbrellas, although they have good sunscreen effect, cannot be used in military training. But fortunately, we have other sunscreen clothes that can help us to protect ourselves from the sun. Such as sunscreen coat, sunshade hat, sunscreen ice sleeve, etc.

The sunscreen coat can protect the arm part from the ultraviolet rays. The sunshade cap should be larger as far as possible, which can help block the face sunshine. The sunscreen ice sleeve is mainly used to protect the arm from the sun. The material is light and thin, and it will have a cool feeling when wearing, and it can also cool the skin.

Replenish water for skin in time

In military training, violent sunlight will take away water from our skin. When the skin is in a state of water shortage, spots, wrinkles and melanin will come one after another. Therefore, in addition to sun protection, it is also very important to replenish water for the skin.

It is suggested that every military training baby carry a moisturizing spray, moisturizing spray can play a good role in replenishing, soothing and calming. It is very suitable for use during military training. Besides, during military training, it also does not forget to drink plenty of water and replenish water from the body.

Thoroughly clean the skin

During military training, the skin is sweaty and oily. The skin on the face can be said to be dirty. If you also apply other sunscreen products, you can imagine how thick the dirt on the face is when you mix them together. If you want to protect your skin, you need to wash your face. Therefore, you must wash your face carefully every day during military training to ensure that your skin and pores are clean.

Wash your face with facial cleanser in the morning and evening every day. If you have applied sunscreen and other products, you should first remove makeup and wash your face at night. Remove cutin once a week to ensure that the skin and pores are comfortable and ventilated.

Strengthen moisturizing and whitening

If you want military training without tanning, water supplement and whitening are the key points and need to be strengthened.

If you add water, you should drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, add moisturizing spray, use daily skin care products, water cream and so on. In addition, during the military training period, the frequency of replenishment mask can be strengthened, because the skin is heavily loaded every day, and there are no problems with patches of water replenishment during special times. It is recommended to apply a moisturizing mask once a day or two days.

Whitening is mainly used in whitening facial mask and whitening essence. Whitening mask is not like replenishment mask. Even if you want to whiten again, you can not use it frequently. The frequency is still maintained in 1 weeks and 2-3 tablets. Whitening essence can be used together with other skin care products. It is the best and regular way to use it.