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How to prevent gastritis in summer

Four seas network: three dog days, the temperature is so high that people are not willing to go out, but many hospitals are overcrowded in the digestive department, 90% of the people are due to gastrointestinal problems, of which gastritis patients are the most. Outpatient doctors said that the summer has always been a high incidence period of gastritis, more time a morning to see hundreds of numbers, many of them are chronic superficial gastritis and other gastritis. So why is the high incidence of gastritis in summer? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Why is summer gastritis high incidence period?

1. In summer, gastrointestinal resistance decreased. In summer, the blood distribution on the body surface and limbs increased, the blood supply of gastrointestinal tract decreased, and the local resistance decreased.

2. High temperature, bacteria and microorganisms are easy to reproduce on food, eating causes gastrointestinal infection, and then causes inflammation.

3. People like eating raw and cold food in summer. Cold and raw food further reduces the local resistance of the gastrointestinal tract.

Gastritis is the most common disease of the digestive system. In summer, people often suffer from dull pain in the upper abdomen, lack of appetite for food, acid reflux in the stomach and nausea. Almost all of them will have chronic gastritis after gastroscopy.

Is chronic gastritis serious?

1. Gastric hemorrhage. Mucosal atrophy and thinning, blood vessel exposure, rough food grinding, mucosal erosion and bleeding can lead to bleeding. If the bleeding volume is large, it can suddenly vomit blood, and the severe ones are dizzy, flustered, sleep black, sweating, even shock, etc.

2. Gastric ulcer. Gastric ulcer is the same as superficial gastritis and erosive gastritis, with obvious inflammatory stimulation, atrophy and thinning of gastric mucosa, accompanied by erosion and ulcer.

3. Gastric cancer. The canceration of chronic gastritis is closely related to gastritis hyperplasia. If you don't pay attention to chronic gastritis, it will turn into gastric cancer.

Don't wait for the stomach to break down. It's important to prevent gastritis

How to prevent gastritis? According to the outpatient doctors, tobacco and alcohol, spicy cold food, improper diet, abuse of painkillers and cold medicines are all common inducements. Therefore, first of all, we should eliminate the causes of gastritis, eat less raw cold, stay away from tobacco, alcohol, strong tea, coffee and drugs that hurt the stomach.

Eat more food that is good for your stomach: malt and carrot

When wheat is cultured with sodium selenite solution containing a certain concentration, it germinates and forms selenium malt. When such selenium malt is pressed together with carrot into vegetable juice for drinking, it can improve the immune function and the anti-tumor ability of human cells.

Selenium malt and carrot vegetable juice have such effect, the fundamental reason is that selenium malt can prevent the canceration caused by any carcinogen. Carrot is rich in & beta; carotene, which can inhibit the oxygen free radicals that cause cell distortion.

The environment of the stomach is complex and the pathogenesis of the stomach disease is complex. In addition to relieving the symptoms, it also needs to treat both the symptoms and the symptoms. This can not be done in a short time. The selenium malt carrot vegetable juice needs to be drunk for a long time. If it is difficult to insist on drinking for a long time, it can also replace the vegetable juice with the malt selenium vitamin E tablet. In addition to the selenium malt and beta rich malt selenium vitamin E tablet; There is vitamin E in addition to carotene, which enhances the body's ability to absorb and immune.

Finally, we need to remind the majority of patients that in addition to the treatment, some patients with chronic gastritis also need to be checked regularly, so as to find out whether the condition worsens in time!