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Break up again compound affection how should continue?

it's common for men and women to separate and combine their love. If they break up unfortunately, it's enough to turn around and make peace with each other. What's difficult is that those love that are reunited after breaking up need to pay more in the future years to manage love. So, in the face of a new relationship after break-up, how to manage and maintain, and what should we pay attention to? Take a look at this experience!

It's really voluntary to start over

The love of breaking up is a kind of hurt to each other, and will endure a certain degree of suffering. And such a relationship, but suddenly start again, that requires each other's sincere voluntary, otherwise it is difficult to continue. If you want to recheck, first ask yourself: would you like to?

Don't always tangle in the past

Once the feelings crack, there can no longer return to the original, but since we choose to compound, we should try to maintain and try to make each other really start again. Even if we have experienced too much in the past, we should throw it away. Otherwise, how can we start again?

Don't talk about it all the time

Since we are together again, everything is new, we should treat each other as new people, love and be loved again, correct our shortcomings, accept and tolerate again. Before, as far as possible to throw it, or such feelings, there will be tomorrow?

Get rid of your bad habits

Once did not know how to cherish, after separated again together, do not want to continue to cherish? Can let the other party suppress, disgust, disgust, as long as not too much, can change it, otherwise this relationship still has the necessity of starting again? It's just a re interpretation of the past. Change some of your bad habits, give each other more care and tolerance at the same time. I think the relationship will still be sweet.

Give each other the least trust and be trusted

Want to be able to let the other side trust, also want to trust the other side, can't be paranoid all day, Ta chooses to be together with me again, really because love me? Will I love others behind my back? Will you dump me one day? wait. Distrust is an invisible knife in emotion, which can cut off a strong emotion.

Don't make a gesture that you can't live without your partner

In love, there is no coercion and being coerced. Since we are together, it means that we are willing. Why should we put on a posture that who leaves and who can't live? Love is mutual, not giving and being given.

Don't pretend to be comfortable with each other

There are some couples who break up and get together again. They can't find the feeling they used to have, but they don't want to separate again. So they reluctantly accept it and try to tell themselves to cherish it. Such feelings, their own suffering, the other side is heavy. Love needs to be willing, not artificial, not camouflaged.

Don't take it all day

When we are together again, we should love each other and cherish our hard won feelings. Whoever leaves will have a good life. It doesn't mean that you will be a bachelor if you leave. Either you should leave as soon as possible, and don't delay anyone, or you should love well. It's the old saying that no one is humble or noble in love.