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How do lovers always quarrel because of small contradictions?

In our life, we will experience a lot of love, a lot of love, a lot of men and women, in the process of our love, we will always encounter such and such problems, not because it's not appropriate, but because it's hard for us to put down our face, always because of small conflicts, and small conflicts in the eyes of outsiders are not enough to make you angry, let you The painful thing is not because of these little contradictions, but because your love has gone bad, so how to avoid the little contradictions between you, in order to avoid your quarrel because of the little contradictions.

The first thing to be sure is that you're tired of your current life:

Why is it that you are tired of your current life? Because if you two are still living in a fresh feeling, you can't think of the shortcomings of both sides at all. Only the pursuit of new things, if you are tired of the current other side, you will not understand each other.

Both sides can try the cold war for a while:

The cold war is not a cold war between husband and wife, but a cold war in which you don't talk to each other. You don't have to worry about each other's ideas. You just live your own life. If you can't adapt to the current indifference, then make up quickly. Because if you don't have love, do you think of each other's attitude? Since you still care so much about the feeling of being together, it's better to end the cold war and forget about your unhappiness.

Calm down and think about the little conflicts that arise between you:

You can calmly think about what causes the small conflicts between you, whether they are caused by your mutual habits, mutual incomprehension, or by your mutual lack of face, mutual incomprehension and mutual disrespect. If you understand what causes the small conflicts, you can better deal with them There is a small contradiction between them.

Small conflicts are accumulated slowly from ordinary times:

Small conflicts are caused by small frictions that you don't care about each other. You may forget a lot of things directly. You haven't dealt with the quarrels and contradictions before. If this kind of contradiction happens again, you will think of the problems before. In this way, it will cause mutual misunderstanding and coldness Quiet, a little conflict between each other.

When there is a conflict, think about it:

Since you choose each other and choose to be together, you can't be so selfish. You only think about your own feelings every day, regardless of each other's feelings every day. Both sides are originally a family, so they must leave each other's face. Don't say everything absolutely, and don't shirk responsibility for everything. Only by taking responsibility bravely, can you think about each other better.

Only when you can understand each other can you get along better, otherwise the result will be very miserable:

Only when two people are together, understand each other, think for each other, and think for each other's affairs, can they face problems together and go on together. No matter how far the future road is, you should live a good life. Only in this way, you will be better happy, or sooner or later you will have cracks because you don't understand each other Scars are particularly deadly, which directly lead to the breakdown of your feelings. This is not an effect that can be achieved overnight, but an effect that will be caused by your long-term accumulation.