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What are the benefits of drinking barley tea

Barley tea is no stranger to all of us. It is a kind of drink that often appears in Korean dramas. Usually we go to Korean restaurant and often drink it. In fact, barley tea has a very long history in China. The health care function of this tea is very significant. It not only reduces blood pressure, but also helps digestion and weight loss. Now Xiaobian will take you to know about barley tea.

Effect and function of barley tea

1. Invigorating the spleen and eliminating food

Barley tea barley tea can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, full of food, up and down.

2. Nourishing stomach

Barley has been greatly improved in strengthening the spleen and Qi after stir frying. It has curative effects on spleen and stomach weakness, stomach and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis and so on, especially for today's office workers.

3. Beauty

Barley tea has beauty effect, which many people should not know very well. The beauty effect of barley tea is not only reflected in the fact that drinking barley tea frequently can make our skin better, but also in the fact that using barley tea to wash our face can help us improve our skin condition and make our skin more delicate!

4. Inhibition of cell carcinogenesis

Modern medical research has found that the coumarin contained in barley tea can help to inhibit cell carcinogenesis and prevent cancer to a certain extent.

5. Treatment of restlessness

Barley can also enter the heart meridian, nourish the heart, eliminate trouble, and make urination easier. Treatment of restlessness, restlessness, insomnia, fever, thirst, dysuria and other diseases.

Note: barley tea cold drink has the function of heatstroke prevention and cooling. Hot drink can help digestion, relieve greasiness, nourish stomach, warm stomach and strengthen stomach. Long term drinking, can receive the effect of beauty, weight loss.

6. Prolactin and lactation

Malt is commonly used in clinic. It is obtained by germination and drying of barley mature fruit. There are two views on how to drink it for lactating women. One is that raw malt has the function of promoting milk and stir fried malt has the function of promoting milk. The other is that raw malt and stir fried malt both have the function of promoting milk and promoting milk. The key lies in the quantity.

7. Weight loss effect

Barley tea is a kind of traditional cool drink widely spread among the people in China. Before consumption, it only needs to be brewed with hot water for 2-3 minutes to extract the strong fragrant tea. White collars often drink barley tea can improve gastrointestinal function and lose weight.

Barley tea can also be used for

(1) Excessive diet, chest tightness and abdominal distention, stir fried black abrasive clothing, have the function of reducing inflammation and swelling, regulating the middle and stopping diarrhea.

(2) Children's food accumulation, sallow complexion and lean body, old and weak people, lack of energy, take barley with sugar, replenish qi and strengthen stomach.

(3) Peptic ulcer, with barley as the main food, can calm stomach qi and stop dull pain.

(4) Hot and thirsty in the summer, use barley to fry water tea, clear the heat and promote the body fluid, remove the thirsty.