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How to transfer housing fund in different places

Sihainet: in recent years, more and more people pay attention to provident fund. The purchase of housing accumulation fund is a topic that people often discuss. For people who purchase housing through the loan of housing accumulation fund, what new policies have been issued for the latest loan of housing accumulation fund? What impact will the new policies bring?

1. Housing fund before the end of the month 'accounts with people'

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development is speeding up the construction of the national housing provident fund remote transfer and connection platform, which will go online before the end of June, to realize "account goes with people, money goes with account". At the same time, we will vigorously promote loan services in other places to meet the demand for the use of funds deposited by employees to purchase housing across regions.

2. Launch of housing fund transfer platform

In recent years, the liquidity of the employees who pay and deposit the housing accumulation fund is increasing day by day, and the business of transferring and connecting the personal housing accumulation fund accounts of the employees in different places is increasing greatly.

The Ministry of housing and urban rural development has organized and developed a national platform for the transfer and continuation of housing provident fund to facilitate the trans provincial employees to handle the transfer and continuation of housing provident fund in different places.

After the opening of the platform, the housing fund management centers of all parts of the country can uniformly handle the transfer and continuation of housing fund in different places for the employees who are employed across provinces on the platform.

3. Which cities have access to the 'platform'

At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Nanchang, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou and other cities have access to the national housing provident fund transfer platform.

It should be noted that the premise of using the platform to handle the housing provident fund remote transfer and connection business is that both the transfer in and transfer out provident fund centers have access to the platform. If neither the transfer in place nor the transfer out place has access, or one of them has no access platform, it cannot be handled through the platform. In this case, the employee who has paid the deposit still needs to go to the window of the provident fund center to handle the business in the original way.

Housing accumulation fund, as the welfare of employees' house purchase, is difficult to extract and use, which is related to their 'living' rights and interests. As a kind of housing welfare system, provident fund is of great significance to ordinary workers in the first set of self housing policy.

For example, developers should not refuse the measures of provident fund loan, which brings ultra-low loan interest rate for buyers; while the measures of cross regional mutual loan, etc., meet the needs of buyers in different regions. From the current point of view, the provident fund has better solved the problem of extraction and use, but from the perspective of the demand of some employees, the provident fund loan is still faced with insufficient amount and other situations, hoping to have more benefits. Take Foshan as an example. At present, both husband and wife in Foshan provide a loan line of up to 800000 yuan.

In addition, return to the security function of employee housing, in the future, the provident fund will moderately break the current provident fund in different regions, so that more people can enjoy the welfare of relatively better provident fund, and can use this money to rent a good house, or live in a good house purchased by themselves.