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How can we protect ourselves from the sun in summer?

A: summer is coming. I can finally wear my super shorts!

B: My beautiful dada swimsuit can also come out!

A: How disgusting! It's beautiful. I'm cute!

B: It's up to you! (system)

... ...

A: But do you have any sun protection measures in summer?

B: Hum, of course! Give me your super shorts and I'll tell you!

A: ... scum, good. Here you are!

B: Sun protection in summer, I have a trick!

Facial skin care

In summer, the sun is very hot and the UV is very strong, so in the past, it is not enough to only use water and milk for care. We must prepare an isolation cream, which has a very good isolation effect on the UV, so that the skin can not be sunburned by the UV.

Skin care

Many people ignore the skin except the face, but if only the face is white and the neck is black, isn't it ugly? So we should also pay attention to the maintenance of sunscreen! First, apply sunscreen 20 minutes and 30 minutes before going out every day, and then apply it every few hours! The day's skin care is done, and can't be ignored at night! Every night when the shower with a point of restorative shower gel, wash after the body dry, and then rub some body milk!

Attention to make-up and make-up removal

In summer, the weather is hot, the temperature is high, and the pores of the skin are large. Therefore, when choosing cosmetics, we should try to choose pure plants without harmful chemicals, so as to prevent the skin from absorbing harmful substances such as long spots and acne! At the same time, when you remove makeup, you should also pay attention to that you don't need to wash your face lightly with facial cleanser. You should first use makeup remover oil to remove makeup in turn and then clean your face! This is more thorough!

Apply the mask every week.

Mask for adult girls, boys are very important, the skin is no longer as resilience as childhood, full of moisture, only through the mask to add moisture to the face, repair damage. So don't be lazy. Mask must be applied!


Essential for summer - Sunglasses

The first thing you need to go out in summer is sunglasses. Sunglasses are polarized, UV resistant, and nothing! Some people buy this kind of sunglasses just because they look good, or buy this kind of sunglasses which are suitable and cheap. This kind of sunglasses is meaningless! Buy Sunglasses first to have the function of preventing ultraviolet radiation! Not only the skin, but also the eyes are very fragile. They need to be well protected!

Summer must have sun umbrella

Summer girls must go out the sun umbrella, the sun umbrella is also exquisite, the general sun umbrella is just better than the umbrella, can block the sun, but a better sun umbrella has the function of blocking ultraviolet! So in order to protect the skin from UV, please choose a sun umbrella that can prevent UV radiation! Do not use the sun umbrella to cover the rain in rainy days, otherwise the sun umbrella will lose the sun protection function. As for the brand, of course, heaven brand!

Essential in summer - sun protective clothing

Summer is really a season to spend money. Even if it's hot, you need to prepare a lot of sunscreen! Among them, sunscreen is also an indispensable thing! Although the sun umbrella is prepared in summer, it can only cover the head when the sunlight angle is not right with the walking direction! Not to mention cycling! So get your sunscreen ready!

Summer Essentials - sun hat

The function of the sun hat is not only to cover the sun, girls or boys can use it! Because it's a good match for clothes! Can dress up handsome, lady, playful, cool and other styles! And it's the best way to replace the sun umbrella with a sun hat when traveling!


Drink more water every day

Water is very important. It is an important substance to promote the metabolism of the body! In summer, the weather is hot and the body water evaporates quickly, so it's very important to drink enough water every day to supplement the water. Of course, it's the best to drink warm water! Add some more lemon slices and it will be just like a tiger!

Eat spicy food properly

It's easy to get pimples if you eat spicy food in summer, but if you are not easy to get pimples, you can eat spicy food to expel toxin and heat! Sweat a little more in hot weather to get rid of body toxins! This is just the way to use the hot weather in summer!

Eat fruits and vegetables

Eating more vegetables and fruits in summer can make skin and hair absorb nutrition and resist sunlight! For example: the fruit of the virgin, green vegetables, radishes, broccoli, peas and so on, are very good food!

matters needing attention

Although sunscreen in summer, but also need to adhere to Oh! Or the sun will make you a little black! In the aspect of dressing, you can try to wear light color clothes, dark color clothes will absorb heat and make you hotter!