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Effect and function of walnut skin

As we all know, walnuts are very good. They are often discarded after eating walnuts. In fact, walnuts are also a treasure. They can cure diseases with high nutritional value and medicinal value. What do you know about walnut skin? Xiaobian has sorted out some functions of walnut skin. Let's get to know it.

Walnut skin plays an important role in many physical symptoms. Walnut skin can prevent many diseases and treat many causes at the same time. Now, many people may have eaten walnut skin, so generally speaking, walnut skin is very beneficial to the absorption of human body.

Introduction to walnut skin:

No matter it is used as medicine, or eaten raw alone, boiled, dipped in sugar, or cooked, it has good effects of nourishing blood and Qi, tonifying kidney and essence, relieving cough and asthma, moistening dryness and defecating.

There are many ways to eat walnuts. Boiling walnuts with proper amount of salt water, drinking water and eating dregs can cure kidney deficiency, low back pain, spermatorrhea, impotence, forgetfulness, tinnitus, frequent urination and other diseases.

Walnuts, barley and chestnuts are the same as porridge, which can cure diseases such as frequent urination, spermatorrhea, loose stools and diarrhea.

It can be eaten raw, fried, pressed oil, confected cakes and sweets. It is not only delicious, but also has high nutritional value. It is known as "longevity fruit" and "longevity fruit".

In addition to eating walnuts raw, walnuts can be boiled, fried, honey roasted, fried and so on.

"New edition of Materia Medica" & middot; walnut meat edition records that walnut is sweet, warm and nontoxic. Into the kidney.

Run can produce essence, astringency can stop essence, more beneficial to kidney fire, and black hair, more stone drenched.

It's the medicine that can warm the body and replenish the life gate. It's not necessary to use the old paper to cure the backache.

You are good at calming Qi, helping ginseng, cooked land, yam, Ophiopogon japonicus, Achyranthes bidentata and so on, calming the breath and strengthening the spirit.

Effect of walnut skin:

According to traditional Chinese medicine, walnut skin can be used as medicine or soaked in water. The walnut skin has the functions of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the stomach, soothing the liver and protecting the gall, moistening the stomach, treating tinea, killing insects and relieving itching, as well as nourishing the kidney, lungs, body and Qi.

Function of walnut skin:

1. Adjuvant treatment of cancer

There are a lot of small secret recipes about boiled eggs with walnut skin to treat cancer in the folk. All of them are great wisdom in the folk. There is no doubt that walnut skin has a certain help to treat cancer.

Medical experts also show that walnut skin has a good therapeutic effect on cancer.

2. Antipyretic and antidotal effects

Walnut skin has a certain effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. It can relieve heat and relieve summer heat by soaking walnut skin in water.

3. Diuretic and detumescence effect

Walnut skin can promote the operation of the stomach and intestines, diuresis, and swelling.

4. Insecticidal and antipruritic effects

Medical research shows that walnut skin has certain effect of insecticidal and antipruritic drugs.

5. Effect on various tinea

Walnut skin can be used to treat tinea capitis and psoriasis, which is a common folk trick.

6. The effect of treating diarrhea

Walnut skin soaking water has a certain therapeutic effect on long-term diarrhea. Long term use can alleviate diarrhea symptoms.

7. Adjuvant treatment of gynecological inflammation

Walnut skin has certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on leucorrhea and inflammation of gynecology.

8. Adjuvant treatment of chronic tracheitis

Scientific research shows that walnut skin has a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on chronic tracheitis.

The world knows it as food, but it doesn't know how to use it as tonic. Its success is even more amazing.

How to eat walnut skin:

1. Walnut skin to prevent hair loss

2. Walnut skin powder can also be used with honey.

3. Walnut skin powder can also be added to milk, oatmeal, porridge and so on, which is more nutritious and comprehensive.

4. Walnut skin can be ground into powder with black sesame powder and Shouwu powder, which can prevent hair loss and produce black hair.