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How does woman menstrual period stomachache do? What should be paid attention to during menstruation

we all know that during menstruation, women may have all kinds of discomfort, which requires us to pay more attention to and take care of it slowly. So, what should women pay attention to during menstruation? Let's have a look

1. Menstrual blood is easy to breed bacteria, so we should pay more attention to local cleaning during menstrual period. But do not use any body wash, soap or lotion, just warm water is good, so as not to reduce the chemical composition of the local resistance to bacteria. 2. During menstrual period, it is absolutely not allowed to share a room, because at this time, the local resistance to bacteria will be reduced, and sharing a room is likely to lead to more invasion of external bacteria, even involving the pelvis, fallopian tube, etc., causing gynecological diseases. 3. When purchasing sanitary napkins, pay attention to check the hygiene license, QS certification, manufacturer information and basic product information, and do not purchase unfamiliar brands. Before the media has exposed because of the use of unqualified sanitary napkins caused by gynecological diseases, so we must choose trustworthy brands. 4. Menstrual period may appear the situation of waist and abdomen falling and bulging. At this time, do not hit the waist. This practice will not reduce the pain, but will make the pelvic congestion more serious. 5. Don't drink coffee, strong tea or alcohol during menstruation, or these stimulants will aggravate menstrual discomfort. In terms of diet, we should also give priority to light food to avoid spicy stimulation.