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Where can I travel better in summer?

summer is the peak season of tourism, but the hot climate also brings physical discomfort to tourists. How to travel in summer, where to go and how to get cool are the problems that must be considered by those who want to travel. Our country has a vast land, there are many good places for seeking cool and summer vacation. Let's go there and have a look today!

1. Reason for Jiuzhaigou: when five mountains return, they don't look at the mountains. When Huangshan returns, they don't look at the mountains. When they come to Jiuzhaigou, they look at the water. When they come back, they don't look at the water

Tips: water, waterfall, forest and summer resort

2. Reasons for Guilin: the landscape of Guilin is the best in the world; tips for playing with bamboo rafts on the Lijiang River: look at rare landscapes, water and mountains

3. Changbai Mountain reason: Changbai Mountain is the first mountain in Guandong with beautiful scenery and charming scenery. It's famous at home and abroad. It can be said that it's "small at a glance" to climb the top of the mountains! Due to the influence of the vertical change of mountain terrain, Changbai Mountain has formed four landscape zones from temperate zone to frigid zone with the increase of height from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, which is rare in the world. One mountain has four seasons and ten li of different days, so you can spend a different summer here.

Tips for playing: mountain climbing, forest watching, summer vacation, Tianchi watching, rare landscapes and creatures watching

4. Shennongjia

Reason: Shennongjia iceberg is located in Hubei Province, where there are unique wind tunnels, thunder holes, flash holes, fog holes and other natural wonders. Among them, there are also icicles, ice swords, ice pendants, ice towers, ice beads, etc. in the mysterious ice cave. There are thousands of strange images, thousands of expressions, bright cold light and enchanting. If you like, you can also do a thrilling rafting here. Generally speaking, it's the best thing to feel a rare cool here in the hot summer.

Tips for playing: see rare landform, ice cave and summer resort

5. Reason for Lushan Mountain: the crustal movement tens of millions of years ago created the magnificent momentum of Lushan Mountain with nine layers of overlapping peaks and ten thousand Ren of Chongling mountains, accompanied by the beauty of Yang Gang with endless peaks and strange rocks. Lushan Mountain is towering among the rivers and lakes, with abundant rainfall. The annual precipitation can reach 2000 mm. Therefore, the temperature difference in the mountain is large, there are many clouds, and there are various forms and endless changes. When you travel to Lushan Mountain, you must appreciate the beauty of the clouds and fog. So far, it has become a famous summer resort in China.

Tips for playing: see the rare landform, summer resort, photography, and taste Yunwu Tea

6. Reason for Qinghai Lake: it is surrounded by four towering mountains. The vast and blue lake is like a huge emerald jade plate embedded between mountains and grasslands, which forms a magnificent scenery of mountains, lakes and grasslands. The terrain here is high and the climate is very cool. Even in the hot summer, the average daily temperature is only 15 ℃, which is an ideal summer resort. Tips for playing: Lake watching, photography, summer vacation

7. Chengde reason: Chengde summer resort, a word through. At the same time of summer vacation, you can also see the tips of playing royal architecture: summer vacation and architecture

8、 Reason for Beidaihe: it is an important place for recuperation under the leadership of the state. The climate here is pleasant, and visitors can feel relaxed and relaxed in it. At this time, it is also one of the nine scenic spots in Shenzhou. Beidaihe scenic spot is located at the seaside of Beidaihe. The Yingjiao Pavilion at the northeast end is the best place. Tips for playing: watching sunrise, playing with water, playing with sand and avoiding summer

9. Qingdao reason: red tiles and green trees, Haitian mountain city. The ancient buildings along Zhongshan Road are quiet and far away. The majestic sea will open your mind, and Laoshan will let you feel the pure and quiet. Trestle, Museum of marine products, sculptures full of spirit on Donghai Road, the "may wind" on May 4th Square and the bathing beach under the coastal Street are all places worth visiting. Especially the Qingdao Beer Festival and Ocean Festival in July and August every year, let you enjoy the rare cool while reveling. Tips for playing: visiting buildings, drinking beer, bathing in sea water, summer vacation

10. Zhiangwan

Reason: it used to be the richest fishing port in Northeast China. It has the best beach in Liaoning Province. It has the natural characteristics of original ecology. The environment is beautiful, pollution-free and simple. Here is the dusty palace where the emperor of Qin and Han toured the east to sacrifice the sea. There is a moving story about Meng Jiangnu's sacrifice in the sea & hellip; the harbor near hellip; is white, shallow and clear. It's a good place to enjoy the fun of playing in the water. It's very pleasant to walk in the harbor full of original ecology, swim and play in Jieshi seaside, and drive on the beach full of sand barefoot. Suizhong Wanjia zhiangwan tourism is 15 kilometers away from the west end of Liaoning Province. The historical remains of the first emperor of Qin in the Bay

Tips for playing: taste seafood, swim and play water, and have a dinner at the beach