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Why is Hu Ge's agent dismissed? Who is Hu Ge's new agent

Sihai: Recently, Hu Ge, who had been "disappeared" for a long time, was searched once again because the Chinese announced that he had dismissed Hu Ge's agent. Recently, a document about the dismissal of Yao Yao, an agent of Hu Ge, from Tianjin Tangren film and Television Co., Ltd. was circulated on the Internet, causing heated discussion. The document shows that '(Yao Yao) has seriously violated the company's rules and regulations, causing the company and Mr. Hu Ge to suffer serious losses in reputation and economy. According to the national laws and relevant provisions in the company's employee handbook, our company punished the employee on July 11, 2018 to terminate the labor relationship. '

Why is Hu Ge's agent dismissed

It is reported that Yao Yao, Hu Ge's agent, signed the contract without authorization and was dismissed for his integrity. It is reported that Yao Yao had been the assistant and agent of Hu Ge for many years. At present, its micro blog certification has been changed to "former agent of the Tangren film and television Hu Ge studio". Later, the media confirmed that Cai Yinong, President of Tang people, responded that the document was not an official statement, but an urgent notice to commercial customers, but the content was true. Yao Yao will no longer serve as Hu Ge's agent. How to deal with the company will be discussed further and a public statement will be issued as soon as possible. At present, Hu Ge is in the process of making a film. 'I hope you don't disturb him because of this. '

On July 12, 2018, Tang people's film and television released a statement saying: 'Yao Yao, an employee of the company, seriously violated the company's rules and regulations while acting as Mr. Hu Ge's agent, causing the company and Mr. Hu Ge to suffer serious losses in reputation and economy. In accordance with the relevant provisions of national laws and the company's employee handbook, our company punished the employee on July 11, 2018 for terminating the labor relationship, and reserved the right to further investigate the legal liability. Yao Yao will no longer be the agent of Mr. Hu Ge. '

Who is the new agent of Hu Ge

It is reported that the agent to replace Yao Yao is Liang Manyi. There is little information about this agent on the Internet. I hope this personnel change will reduce some losses for Hu Ge. Star brokers are generally divided into two categories, and both need to pass the training of professional institutions and work with certificates. One is the individual or organization that collects commissions for various brokerage activities, which is actually the acting agency. The second is a professional broker with the ability to develop the market. They develop the potential of artists and help them find opportunities. Such agents understand art and management, rely on a wide range of social relations, rely on a keen sense of market and good at business, packaging artists. It's not a simple thing to be a broker.

It's reported that Yao Yao and Hu Ge are very good. Makeup artist Jiang Jie once revealed that during the filming of the "pretender", one day, Hu Ge's agent's mobile phone disappeared, because there are too many private things in it, and the agent and makeup artist are all crazy. They quickly find the live producer together, turn around, turn around, and look for the world. Suddenly a little girl asked, 'what are you looking for? 'Jiang Jie said:' we are looking for Yao Yao's mobile phone. 'then, the little girl secretly told her:' I know where. I saw brother Hu pretend to go. 'Jiang Jie and Yao Yao Yao look at each other and instantly understand,' this is to play with us'. They decided to "give back to each other in the same way". Jiang Jie calmly went to make up Hu Ge and told him: 'Yao Yao's mobile phone is missing. 'what can I do? Have you found it? 'there are too many mass actors today. Ah Hui and Yao Yao are all in a hurry. They are still looking for them. They have to find them. We have called the police. 'Jiang Jie described:' Hu Ge's face changed as soon as he heard the word "alarm", and then he took the mobile phone to me tremblingly. At that time, he was so scared that he kept asking what to do? What to do? It's a big deal. 'it can be seen that the agent is not only Hu Ge's assistant but also a friend. However, in the entertainment circle, the agent should be careful in his words and deeds, and pay attention to the reception of plays. Maybe because of this, he was dismissed.