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Why does RMB devalue in succession the great depreciation of RMB has the biggest impact on ordinary people, which is that the money is even less valuable. How do we manage money when the RMB depreciates? What should you do with your money?

As of June 28, the yuan fell below 6.6 against the dollar, a new low since December 28, 2017.

The devaluation of RMB means that the same amount of RMB can buy fewer things, that is, the RMB is becoming less and less valuable.

Recently, with the influence of multiple factors such as the Fed's interest rate increase, the strengthening of US economic indicators and the aggravation of trade friction between China and the United States, the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar has depreciated significantly. Judging from various voices, it is possible that the RMB will continue to depreciate.

The RMB is down and the US dollar is strong. What should investors do?

We don't need to be alarmed when we hear "devaluation". The impact of exchange rate fluctuations is mainly international rather than domestic.

High net worth people may consider purchasing overseas assets such as real estate denominated in US dollars or overseas financial products such as QDII funds denominated in US dollars;

In the future, households with foreign exchange demand for us dollars can lock in risks ahead of time. In the second half of the year, especially for the families who go to the United States to study and travel, it is a reasonable strategy to lock the risk of exchange rate fluctuation ahead of time when they buy the U.S. dollar in the expectation that the RMB will continue to depreciate;

In addition, some people say how about buying gold when the RMB depreciates? The reverse trend of the US dollar and gold has almost become an iron law. Under the trend of the appreciation of the US dollar, the decline of the gold price may become a necessity. Since April, the price of gold has fallen from 1326 to the current US $1252.

Under the sharp depreciation of RMB, it is necessary to properly increase the rate of return in order to prevent the capital in hand from shrinking too much, and reasonably allocate the assets. Now the real estate market is frozen, and the currency circle of the stock market is full of sorrows and sorrows. Apart from the allocation of low-risk treasury bonds, monetary funds and other products, it is suggested to allocate a certain proportion of medium risk P2P products to improve the overall yield.