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What problems should we pay attention to when the mobile phone number is not used?

What should I do if I don't use my mobile number? This experience tells you!

1. There is no need for a mobile phone number. It must be cancelled. There is no doubt about this. If you don't log off, you will have a lot of trouble. So when you don't use your cell phone number, you have to log out.

2. When the mobile phone number is not used, in addition to logout, the bound wechat should also be unbound, which should also be noted, otherwise your wechat may be stolen.

3. If the mobile phone number is bound with QQ, you should also log off. Otherwise, your QQ number may be stolen.

4. If the mobile phone is bound with other software, such as game software, you should also log out. Prevent being stolen.

5. Most importantly, please note that if the bank card is bound, the mobile phone number of the bank card to be bound must be unbound, otherwise the money in your card will be in danger.

6. You don't need a mobile number. If you bind Weibo or blog, you need to unbind it. If the mobile number of various payment software is bound, it should also be unbound.