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What's the ending of whirlwind? What's the end of whirlwind and Wuji

the hot pursuit of "whirlwind" recently, I'm also in the pursuit of drama. Are you as eager as I am to know the latest plot of "whirlwind" and what is the final result of "whirlwind"? How did Fuyao end up with his eldest grandson

finale of whirlwind

"Whirlwind" is also the first six episodes, and the specific finale is not sure, but according to the development of the six episodes, the editor guessed that the final whirlwind should be with the eldest grandson Wuji, and it should be a happy ending! And the drama in the TV series did not go through, I think it should not go back to the modern whirlwind like the ending of the novel, his mother's suicide story, maybe this time There will be no Fuyao's mother. From the novel, Fuyao is the reincarnation of Jiulian, and the TV series will not play his mother.

Meng Fuyao's identity in the novel

In the 21st century, archaeologist, Xuanyuan disciple, Yaocheng City Lord, the successor general Wuji, Mahan Meng Wang, Xuanyuan queen (pseudo), Xuanyuan National Teacher (nominal), jiuxiao, Xuanji green forest road master, Xuanji royal family, Dawan female emperor, Viking pirate leader, lotus flower cultivated by the founder of Changqing temple, and Shenying queen of Dacheng.

What is the ending of the novel "whirlwind"?

At the end of her original novel, the eldest sun Wuji sent her back to modern times, but after a few days in modern times, she knew that her life here was counting down. In the end, her mother completed her and committed suicide just to avoid her daughter's embarrassment. After his mother died, Fuyao returned to Wuji.

Meng Fuyao and his eldest grandson Wuji are the happy ending. At last, Meng Fuyao married his eldest grandson Wuji. Emperor Xuanyuan died when he was only thirty-two at the end of his life, leaving one son and one daughter, who never stood up. Zhan Beiye did not succeed in life. The cloud mark merges the upper abyss and the Taiyuan and becomes the emperor. The ending of the novel "supporting the Queen", the Three Kingdoms, has no queen. #P subtitle e#

Whirlwind Finale

Fuyao, an ordinary girl, was a servant of Xuanyuan mountain when she was young. In order to break the shackles of fate and learn martial arts by chance, she stepped out of Xuanyuan mountain after the beginning of the fight and began to seek for herself and safeguard justice on five continents.

On the way, she fell in love with her eldest grandson, and worked together to quell the chaos in the abyss. She bravely went forward to protect the people's peace and keep the city alone, and gradually revealed the secret of her life experience.

The reincarnation of Princess Xuanji and the founder of Changqing hall, born of hanlian, will help Yao to join Taiyuan and get the magic skill of "breaking the nine clouds". He will find the secret order of five continents and meet the eldest grandson Wuji in the five continents. Two people work together to cut through thorns and thorns, and finally love is married.

there is no great ending for Chang sun in "whirlwind"

The crown prince of Tianquan state, who has been learning arts for many years, was entrusted by his father and king to disguise himself as xuanyuanmin, the son of Taiyuan aristocracy, to calm down the internal chaos in Taiyuan, and met with Fuyao in Xuanyuan mountain. He was fearless, resolute and resourceful, and fell in love with Fuyao. In the course of the adventures of the five continents, we fought side by side with the support of the people's Republic of China, and achieved self growth with mutual encouragement and promotion.

Wuji pretends to be dead once in Wuji country, and Fuyao nearly collapses. Later, they meet again. Fuyao learns Wuji's identity and helps him to remove the king of Germany. Fuyao helps Zhan Beiye and Zongyue win the throne. He inherits Xuanji and kills Feiyan in Fufeng.

Finally, in the sky, Wuji was punished by the Lord of Changqing temple for supporting him. Fuyao and other people went through four realms and learned about his relationship with Wuji in his previous life.

Wuji finally became the Lord of Changqing temple, the emperor of Dacheng (Wuji), the empress of Dawan (Xuanji), and the empress of Dacheng Shenying. They had three children, two men and one daughter -- changsun Ji, changsun Lin and changsun Fei. This was the name written in the genealogy. The nickname had to be freely waved by Fuyao. So Xiaoming, Xiaoming of changsun Ji with big eyes, was Altman. Xiaoming of changsun Lin, Wuji, was Meichuan Neiku, She is in love with her father and daughter.

The eldest sun Wuji loves Meng Fuyao very much. When he appeared, he was the prince of Wuji. He pretended to be the prince's assistant. In fact, Wuji, the eldest grandson, is the son of Wuji king and empress Yiyi of yuan and Qing Dynasty. He is the master of the eternal green temple in the sky and the master of the eternal green temple. The founder of Changqing temple was reincarnated, and the palm was born with lotus shaped mark. With Meng Fuyao, there are two sons and one daughter.