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Do you want to take a new test if the driver's license has been deducted for less than one year as we all know, you can drive on the road only when you have a driver's license, and when you get a new driver's license, there will be a one-year internship period. During the internship period, drivers should pay attention to obey the traffic rules, so as to avoid the driver's license being deducted, and ensure that you pass the internship period. Then, the driver's license is still in the internship period before one year, so do you need to take a new test if you are deducted?

1、 Do you want to take a new test if the driver's license has been deducted for less than one year

Not all the points deducted for a driver's license less than one year need to be retaken. 12 points should be deducted before retaking the test.

Deduct less than 12 points from the C license during the internship period, only need to deal with the violation, no examination and normal use of the license. B. no more than 6 points can be deducted during the internship period above the license. If more than 6 points are less than 12 points, the internship period will be extended for one year. If more than 6 points are deducted in the second year, the driver's license will be cancelled.

However, if the deduction of driving license in the internship period reaches 12 points, the driving license shall be cancelled directly and the driving school shall sign up for a new test.

According to regulations on application and use of motor vehicle driving license

Article 69 If the driver of a motor vehicle has a record of 12 points or more during the internship period, the driving qualification of the quasi driving model for the internship shall be cancelled. If the cancelled driving qualification does not belong to the highest permitted driving model, the driving qualification of the highest permitted driving model shall also be cancelled in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 68.

If a driver with a driver's license for a large bus, tractor, city bus, medium-sized bus or large truck scores more than 6 points but less than 12 points in the one-year internship period, the internship period shall be extended for one year. In the extended internship period, if more than 6 points are recorded but less than 12 points are not achieved, the driving qualification of the quasi driving model for the internship shall be cancelled.

2、 Precautions for novice: precautions for novice:

Preparation before departure

1. Paste the practice standard. The novice should stick the practice standard on the road. On the one hand, it's traffic rules. On the other hand, it's to let other vehicles know your driving level and avoid novices;

2. Turn on the light. Lighting is the language of vehicle communication. Don't forget to signal other vehicles and pedestrians when starting, stopping, turning and overtaking on parallel lines;

3. Practice parking more. Parking is a technology that many novices are afraid of. In fact, a lot of scratching happens when parking. In order to be proud to park in front of a hot restaurant, we must practice parking;

4. Adjust the sitting position. Don't drive with the steering wheel in your arms. Relax your body and lean your back against the seat. Don't think that the closer you get to the steering wheel, the more you can control the vehicle. In fact, too close to the steering wheel will reduce the flexibility of operation, and driving for a long time will increase your fatigue;

Precautions for novice on the road: driving on the road

5. Do not always step on clutch, brake first and then step on clutch. In case that the toll station needs to slow down, remember to first step on the brake to reduce the speed, then step on the clutch and shift. When the speed is below 10km, don't forget to step on the clutch to avoid stalling. In the process of driving in the middle of the road, release the clutch after shifting, do not let your foot always step on the clutch, otherwise it will accelerate the wear of the clutch plate;

6. Slow down in advance when turning. Detours are the places where accidents are easy to happen. Novices should not be impulsive because of watching F1 or because of the abettment of the first word D. Safety first, slow down in advance;

7. The following distance is moderate. On the one hand, it can prevent the front car from falling down to hurt your car, on the other hand, it can prevent the front car from hurting your car when it is hit by a car. When the speed is 50km / h, the distance from the front car is about 50m, and the faster the speed is, the greater the distance should be;

8. Switch between high and low beam in time. When meeting at night, take into account the opposite vehicle, switch the high beam lamp to the low beam lamp to prevent the eye of the driver of the opposite vehicle from being illuminated;

9. Be resolute in coming out in parallel. Once you decide to join the line, you should be decisive after turning on the turn signal. Don't hesitate to affect the judgment of the vehicles behind you. Similarly, when driving on the high-speed road, you should prepare ahead of time and act decisively;

10. Don't slow down in the fast lane. If you are not proficient, it is better to follow the car in front of you and drive in the lane honestly. Don't drive in the lane because there are few cars in the lane, but drive at a low speed, blocking the cars that want to overtake;