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What are the dietary taboos of prostatitis patients

Sihaiwang: if there is a problem with the prostate, then we need to pay special attention to our diet in our life. Otherwise, it will recur and aggravate. The wine must not be touched! You have to stop drinking. Alcohol is a kind of beverage with vasodilation effect. It is also obvious that alcohol can dilate blood vessels and cause organ congestion.

Second, spicy food. Spicy irritant food can cause vasodilation and organ congestion. Including pepper, raw garlic, onion, pepper, onion and other food. And often eat spicy food, will cause us to drink a lot of water unintentionally, especially in the evening, the consequence of drinking too much water is to cause the bladder load is too heavy, thus aggravating the occurrence of prostatitis.

The third is all kinds of hair food.

Because prostatitis patients are very sensitive to hair, the common clinical prostate disease patients have the symptoms of dysuria after eating hair. This is likely to be caused by the fact that after the hair enters our body, the diseased prostate gland is congested and swollen and the urethra is oppressed. The common hair products include dog meat, mutton, venison, pork head meat, leek, garlic sprout, etc., which are all foods that prostatitis cannot eat.

The fourth is to reduce smoking

Cigarette is very harmful to the health of the body. Nicotine, tar, nitrosamines, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances in cigarette can not only directly poison prostate tissue, but also interfere with the nerve function that controls blood vessels, thus affecting the blood circulation of prostate and aggravating the congestion of prostate.

For the prostate, we still need to have a reasonable diet, a light taste, avoid sedentary work, drink more water, and adhere to reasonable exercise, so as to help the body recover from inflammation.