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What to eat to recuperate the body during pregnancy? Summary of body conditioning methods during pre

How to take care of the body during pregnancy

How does cold constitution recuperate ability obtain good 'pregnant'?

For pregnant women, recuperation is a very important step. If the cold constitution is not too serious, it will have less impact on pregnancy. However, if the constitution is too cold, it will even affect the health of the body, which is bound to affect our pregnancy. Therefore, after judging whether we are cold constitution, we should effectively recuperate and avoid according to our physical condition That is to do these basic points:

Avoid all cold food

If you have confirmed your cold constitution, you should cut off all cold food, especially cold drinks.

Cold drink: ice cream, ice cream, frozen fruit, ice water.

Refusal of cold food

For example: crab, turtle, snail (cold), oyster meat, squid, octopus;

Fruits: bananas, persimmons and so on. There are also some vegetables and spices that are cold;

You can check it online. But we must not eat anything. We must eat less. Salt and soy sauce are also cold. It's impossible not to eat. Just eat less. If you can drink soup without salt, you don't need salt.

Avoid cold and humid places

Damp and cold places, as the name suggests, will make the cold constitution more serious, or stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time without going out and activity, which has a great impact on our health. If the working environment can not be avoided, you can choose to add more Qi and blood in the diet, or choose to adjust the working mode, so that you can move around regularly.

Nourishment and Qi and blood

The cold is too heavy because female friends have a monthly holiday, the blood is not full, the girl with weak Qi and blood is more or less cold. Eat more nutritious food, especially the food that replenishes Qi and blood. Remember to break the food into pieces or cook it soft and easy to digest and absorb!

Hot feet drive cold air away

Hot feet can drive away the cold, but this long-term struggle is not a matter of one day and one night. If you burn your feet one night and forget it one night, it is in vain. We must insist on ironing our feet. How can we do it? Burn a pot of hot water and use a big bucket to iron them slowly until they are hot. Conditional can bubble hot spring!

It is specially reminded that the cold constitution wants to have good pregnancy Qi, and the diet should pay more attention to the intake of warm food. Warm food can make the body hot, function excited, and increase vitality. It is suitable for the cold constitution to eat, and can improve its functions of recession, stagnation, anemia and atrophy, such as litchi, angelica, ginger, longan, garlic, scallion, almond, peanut, etc. Appropriate exercise to increase body vitality, help promote blood circulation, for the improvement of cold constitution is very beneficial!

How to improve the air conditioning system for office white-collar workers

It's hot in summer, but stay indoors with strong air conditioning. There are no fewer women who suffer from waist and hand and foot joint pain due to cold air. In addition, there are many cases that the body's temperature sensing system fails to adapt to the temperature change due to the indoor and outdoor walking. Experts: 'because there are not a few cold constitution caused by living habits, we should pay attention to adjusting living habits at ordinary times to avoid the harm of cold to the body. '

Women with cold constitution are more prone to fatigue and edema

Experts say that women's muscle mass is less than men's, so they are more vulnerable to body cold. This is because it is not fat but muscle that produces body heat. Women's muscle mass is less, and they are more prone to body cold. In addition, if you often work late into the night, such irregular living habits can easily lead to the collapse of sympathetic and parasympathetic balance, poor metabolism, and directly lead to the occurrence of body cold. In addition, people who like to wear back clothes, low waist pants and excessive weight loss are also the reasons for the body cold.

When the human body is cold, the most direct symptoms are easy to fatigue, edema, dizziness, headache, insomnia, lack of concentration of spirit, and cold, in addition, it may lead to severe dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, shoulder and neck stiffness, black eye circles, dry skin, etc.

In the TCM treatment of body cold, it is necessary to eliminate the body cold caused by diabetes, coronary heart disease and hypothyroidism. After eliminating the causes, it is only necessary to pay attention to living habits to improve the symptoms of body cold.

Recuperate with Chinese medicine when necessary

In order to prevent body cold, we should first pay attention to drink less cold drinks at ordinary times, eat less raw vegetables and fruits as much as possible, wear socks as much as possible to keep feet warm, and wrap a abdominal belt when sleeping. At the same time, doing broadcast gymnastics or yoga, increasing exercise and improving blood circulation are also important means to improve body cold. When necessary, we can use the power of traditional Chinese medicine.

What do you eat when you are cold

As soon as the temperature drops, many women with cold body begin to have cold hands and feet, and shiver with cold wind. If you want to improve the body cold constitution, you can eat more food that can keep out the cold. Then, what's better for women to eat when they are afraid of cold body, and what food can improve the phenomenon of women's cold hands and feet. Here are some foods that can resist the cold and improve the body cold. Moreover, these foods are low in energy and won't get fat after eating.


Including fresh, canned vegetables (without seasoning, fat, sugar and other additives); ketchup. However, vegetables cannot be combined with non core foods (such as fried vegetables and beans, oil soaked vegetables, sugar stained vegetables, etc.).

1. Rhizomes

Rhizomes: medical researchers have found that people's fear of cold is related to the lack of inorganic salt in the body. Lotus root, carrot, lily, yam, green vegetable, cabbage and so on are rich in inorganic salt. This kind of food may as well be mixed with other food.

2. Iodine food

Kelp, laver, sea salt, seaweed, jellyfish, clam, cabbage, spinach, corn and other iodine containing foods can promote the secretion of thyroid hormone.

3. Foods with high iron content

The body temperature of anemic women is 0.7 ℃ lower than that of normal hemoglobin women, and their caloric output is 13% less. When iron intake is increased, their cold tolerance is significantly enhanced. Therefore, women who are afraid of cold can consciously increase the intake of foods with high iron content, such as animal liver, lean meat, spinach, egg yolk, etc. Fruits include: fresh, canned (non sugar water) fruits.

If it is canned and must be soaked in water or pure fruit juice (non sugar water), the soaked juice cannot be eaten; dried fruit (dried apricot, peach, dried banana, etc.) is not considered as core food; fruit juice is not core food.

4. Spicy food

Pepper contains capsaicin, ginger contains aromatic volatile oil, pepper contains piperine.

Two. Soup

Including: fresh, frozen, canned (no seasoning, fat, sugar and other additives) clear soup.

Three, meat

Mutton, beef and venison have better cold resistance. They contain high protein, carbohydrate and fat. They are good for invigorating the kidney, warming the middle and lower temperature, invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation. Eating these meat can speed up the metabolism of Yang deficiency body and enhance the endocrine function, so as to achieve the effect of cold resistance.

4. Skimmed milk products and other dairy substitutes

Including: skimmed milk, skimmed cheese, skimmed sugar free yogurt; soymilk, tofu and legume food without additives.