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How to make yourself sunny?

in addition to the inherent inner self-confidence, it also needs to be dressed. Girls like boys' sunny and handsome features. Here are some tips on how to create sunny and handsome appearance.

Sunny and handsome

1. Hair style, according to the head type and personal style, as long as you have enough courage or thick skin, the more independent you are, the more confident you are. There are a lot of white hair at a young age, so the color of hair can be considered according to the needs.

2. Necklaces / ornaments, you can buy fashionable ornaments or hang a string of Buddha beads, even better if others can't buy them. It's particularly useful to highlight one's own characteristics and build self-confidence.

3. Clothing, weekend or holiday often go to the clothing store, choose the bright and attractive color, fashionable, if necessary, please ask the sales service personnel to help you select reference.

4. Cuff, can wear watch (quartz) (smart watch), silver jewelry and so on, showing fashion elements everywhere

5. Shoes, the study found that more than half of girls value men's shoes. Then infer the 'value' of the man. If you are not sure how to follow the fashion line, then buy a pair of good shoes as the facade.

6. Backpack, you can choose a deep color to give a sense of stability. With some external hangers.

7. Pets, have you found that boys who keep pets around have a special affinity for women. Through common sense, women think that men who like small animals have love, better economic conditions and fun to have a try.

8. Smile, a man's smile in front of a woman is particularly attractive and gives a feeling of sunshine and self-confidence. The first time I will be nervous and shy, the second time I will be a little nervous and shy, the tenth time I will not be nervous but have confidence.