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How to choose fishing time and location in summer

Four seas net: many people will choose to go out fishing on holidays to relax, but fishing is also a knowledge, so when is the best time to love you in summer?

Time selection of fishing in summer

In summer fishing, we need to arrange a reasonable time. Every time we go to the reservoir to fish in the wild, Xiaobian will invite several friends to play for two days. Generally, Xiaobian will get up at 4 a.m. to clean up and set out. Generally, he will fish until about 10 a.m. and start to rest. The fish at noon are not very good at fishing. Just in the reservoir, he can rest and eat something At 4:00 p.m. you can continue fishing until 9:00 p.m., which is a good time to fish out. If your body can't eat it, night fishing is also a very good choice.

It is quiet at night, without any interference of anything. Large carp often swim to the near shore for food. Since there is no limit to fishing rods in natural waters, we can also choose to cast a few sea rods to increase the fishing rate. When it's windy and rainy, we'd better try not to go out fishing.

Fishing position selection in summer

The most important thing for fishing in summer is to choose a fishing position. As long as we choose a good fishing point, the fish will be very good. In choosing a fishing position, we can choose near the dam, because under the dam is the deepest place of the water, and the oxygen content in the water is relatively sufficient. Many large fish like to gather here, such as herring, carp, silver carp, bighead carp, etc; The protruding part in the middle of the large reservoir, so that the hand rod can run further, is exactly the only way for many fish to migrate, which is very good when fishing at this point.

Many reservoirs are in the mountains. We can choose places with steep slopes. In the process of rain, many things will be washed into the water, and a lot of fish will gather to pass by to look for food and good fishing spots. It can also be selected at the gate, because it often enters and exits the water, which has sufficient oxygen content, and there are more microorganisms in the water, attracting a large number of fish species to play and forage here. The gate is the best fishing point, especially at night when fishing will be better. {}

Where there are a lot of water plants and sundries, there will be a large number of fish hiding under the water plants, and there will be a large number of microorganisms under the water, such as small fish, small river shrimp, etc. at night, when the fishing depth is more than 1m, you can catch big crucian carp. Choose the fishing position according to the above, the fishing effect will be great.

In summer, the temperature is very high and there are many small fish. We use bait and nest material as sweet as possible, and try not to use fishy and meat bait. Fishy is really easy to recruit small fish, and it is very easy to make trouble in the nest, and it is difficult to catch large fish. We can buy commercial baits or make some baits by ourselves if we use the baits with fragrance or sweet taste. We can use the steamed sweet potato and corn flour to stir together and add some small medicine, or directly hang the fruit corn grain to catch the big grass carp and carp.