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Can I have a dog during pregnancy? What should I pay attention to when I have a dog during pregnancy the controversy about pregnancy and dog keeping has never stopped. Some people think that dogs are animals after all, and the germs carried by them will affect the fetus, and may even cause serious results such as fetal death or deformity. Others think that just keeping dogs scientifically during pregnancy, pregnancy and dog keeping can have both, and will play a positive role in the growth of the fetus effect. So, expectant mothers, should you refuse to keep dogs during pregnancy or insist on scientific dog keeping?

As for the families with dogs, it's easy for expectant mothers to have differences in their families when they insist on keeping dogs. The old people in the family insist on sending the dogs away, thinking that there are bacteria on the dogs. The most important thing is that they may infect the expectant mothers with Toxoplasma gondii, causing fetal deformities and even abortion; However, the parents who keep the dog think that the dog does not conflict with pregnancy. Just keeping the dog scientifically can prevent a series of problems. Moreover, the latest scientific experiments show that the pregnant dog can greatly reduce the risk of anaphylaxis after the baby is born.

1. Give the pet a thorough examination before pregnancy. Before pregnancy, take your pet for a thorough inspection to see if it has Toxoplasma gondii or other parasites, and give your pet preventive injection, and regularly give it deworming.

2. Pay attention to hygiene. We must keep the pet clean, bathe it regularly, clean the excrement, clean the pet's nest and disinfect the tableware regularly, especially don't let our pet hunt outside alone.

3. No new pets. We can have pets during pregnancy, but we don't have new pets. Pets that have been kept at home for several years will be more hygienic. Before we get pregnant, we have taken them for inspection. The new pets haven't been thoroughly inspected, which is relatively unsafe.

4. Others do pet cleaning. Pet's excrement is the source of Toxoplasma infection, so after pregnancy, others will clean the pet, such as bathing, cleaning the excrement, etc. Pregnant mother must keep away from herself!

5. Keep distance. Keep a certain distance from pets. Don't be too intimate, such as kissing, sleeping, etc.

6. Do not eat meat from unknown and immature animals, they may be infected with Toxoplasma gondii.

In fact, as long as we keep dogs scientifically during pregnancy, we can have both pregnancy and dog keeping. So if the pregnant mother decides to have a dog during pregnancy, she should do the above. After all, she should also be responsible for the child.