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Why did J & J pay 4.7 billion yuan to whom we believe that Johnson & Johnson is not a stranger. It belongs to a very common skin care brand, especially baby Johnson & Johnson. However, recently, the news that Johnson & Johnson has paid 4.7 billion yuan has aroused concern. What is the matter?

What is J & J's compensation of 4.7 billion yuan

Johnson & Johnson is an American brand. It has medical products, medical equipment and personal care products. Many Baoma of Johnson & Johnson baby series have used them. J & J has been involved in a dispute over the cancer caused by talcum powder. Recently, it was reported that J & J was awarded compensation of nearly 4.7 billion US dollars for 22 women in the case of talcum powder cancer in the United States.

Why does Johnson & Johnson pay 4.7 billion yuan

J & J lost the lawsuit in the case of talcum powder carcinogenesis, and J & J once again faces high price compensation due to the carcinogenesis of talcum powder products. On July 13, a jury in Missouri, US, held that 22 women were effective in charging Johnson & Johnson with asbestos in its talcum powder products (including Johnson & Johnson baby talcum powder) and causing them cancer, ordering Johnson & Johnson to pay US $550 million in compensatory damages and US $4.14 billion in punitive damages.

Stephen lanzo, an investment banker in New Jersey, sued Johnson & Johnson, saying he suffered from mesothelioma because of the company's talcum powder, the Daily Mail reported. Some of J & J's talcum powder was found to contain asbestos fiber. Recently, the court ruled that Stephen would win the case, and he would be compensated 30 million US dollars (about 190 million yuan), while his wife Kendra would also be compensated 7 million US dollars (about 44.13 million yuan). This is Johnson & Johnson's biggest claim so far in a talc carcinogen lawsuit. The company still faces about 9000 similar lawsuits.

What brand is Johnson & Johnson

Johnson Johnson was founded in 1886. Johnson baby is a global famous baby care brand of Johnson & Johnson. For more than 100 years, Johnson & Johnson baby has been trusted by several generations of mothers. This trademark, which contains the wonderful emotional bond between mother and baby, is considered as a professional brand in infant care by many consumers and health experts. Johnson & Johnson company was founded in 1887 in the United States. It has been found in 57 countries all over the world. It is the most comprehensive health care product manufacturer and health service provider in the world. Its products sell well in 175 countries and regions, and its production and sales involve many fields such as nursing products, medical products, medical equipment and diagnostic products market.

Johnson & Johnson brand

Pharmaceutical products

Targeted areas include: sensitive and influenza / non influenza, chronic bronchitis, digestive system treatment, scalp health treatment, skin symptom treatment, psychological treatment, pain symptom relief, bone treatment, cancer treatment

Medical equipment

Targeted fields include: Women's health care, diabetes, minimally invasive surgery, wound suture, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health, bone health, instrument disinfection, diagnostic products and services

Personal care products

Areas of focus include: Department of infant health care

Series of adult skin care products, female health care products, vision health care products, personal health care products, etc

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