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What are the reasons for teenagers' suicide?

every once in a while, you can hear the news of teenagers' suicide, among which there are more people jumping off the stairs. Such a painful thing can not help us as parents to ponder, what is the reason for these young people to choose light life?

1. Lack of care.

It is said that children are the continuation of their parents' lives and the spiritual sustenance of their parents. However, some parents are really incompetent. For their own sake, they abandon their families and abandon their children casually. As a result, the children have no one to discipline and love. The children can't bear the indifference of the world, so they choose to give birth in a light age.

2. Being bullied in society.

Because some children don't have the love of their families, some ruffians in the society will bully them. They can't bear the pain of being bullied by others. They give birth to the desperation of their family to the society.

3. Too much pressure to learn.

China's exam oriented education makes children bear heavy learning pressure from the age of six or seven. All the way to high school, children have to study and learn all day long. There is little time to play. Children are not happy. They are tired of learning and life, but they don't let their parents and teachers learn. They want to escape and finally choose extreme methods.

4. Get corporal punishment from the teacher at school.

Recently, I saw several cases of teenagers' light birth on the Internet because of teachers' corporal punishment. Teachers are engineers of human soul. We all respect teachers. However, there are really some other teachers' improper education methods, which hurt the students' self-esteem, resulting in the children's light birth.

5. I didn't do well in the exam.

Because the test is not good and light born children, self-esteem is too strong to allow themselves to lag behind others, they often use the most extreme and the most undesirable way to prove their importance to the test, their strict requirements.

6. Because there is no money to make up lessons.

Now, with the increasing emphasis on education in society, children's learning tasks are becoming more and more serious. They are not included in school, but also need to sign up for a supplementary class. The cost of a month's supplementary class is quite large. For families with conditions, children won't worry about the cost of supplementary classes. For children of families with poor conditions, they have to feel sorry for their parents' meager income. They are very contradictory. They make up lessons. The family has a heavy financial burden. If they don't make up lessons, they can't keep up with them. The children are in a dilemma. It's better to make up lessons and push them to the end.

7. Parents set too many goals for their children.

It's right to look forward to children, to look forward to children, but some parents really have too high requirements for their children and set too big goals for their children. With heavy learning burden on their children, they always think about what to do if they can't reach the goals set by their parents. After a long time, their children will be physically and mentally tired. They feel that they can't carry so much pressure. They choose to leave this The world, in this way to protest against the pressure of parents on themselves.

8. The last reason is that puberty falls in love and suffers from lovelorn.

Now campus love is nothing new. Two people have conflicts in the process of getting along. At last, they break up. Children can't bear the blow of breaking up. They have died to show their love for each other.