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Should old people force their children to give way

respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. It doesn't only need young people to do it by themselves. Recently, videos of the elderly bullying children on buses in Chengdu are wildly spread on the Internet. If the elderly force the children to give up their seats, should the children give up? Let's take a look We can see from the video that in this bus, the old man in red asked a child to give her a seat, but the old man was very angry that he didn't give her a seat. He sat his body on the little leg of the child several times. At that time, the child was frightened and cried. At that time, other passengers on the bus dissuaded the old man and said that he was in succession be unreasonable. One of the passengers, Ms. Li, took out her mobile phone, photographed the whole process and uploaded it to the Internet that morning.

according to Ms. Li, the photographer of the video, in the afternoon, he took the bus, No. 48 bus in Chengdu. When he passed Shuncheng Street, an old man in his 60s got on the bus. The old man looked healthy and had a belt tied around his waist. After getting on the bus, the old man went directly to the love seat in the eastern suburb. He saw a six or seven year old boy on the seat and asked him to give up his seat. After that, the old man had a dispute with the child. Ms. Li said that she didn't hear the specific content clearly, but the general content was that the old man kept scolding the little boy, saying that he would have no education if he didn't give way to himself, saying that he had no parents. And also the threat of bad words to children. Where did the little boy see such a fierce man, he was frightened at that time.

at this time, the old man in red even made the whole car angry. He sat down on the little boy's leg, stood up and sat down again, and repeated this action for many times. The little boy was obviously hurt by the old man, and was frightened. He even cried at a loss. This kind of insolent behavior of the old man caused the anger of many passengers on the bus. They dissuaded and scolded the old man, saying that the old man was unreasonable and depended on the old to sell the old. But in the face of the criticism, the old man still didn't take it seriously, and said angrily to everyone, I'm so old, I can't come to you to educate me. Finally, the arrogant old man sent the children out of their seats in this barbaric way. After occupying the seats, the old man got off at a bus station in Huaishu street. Many passengers in the car saw that the children had no seats, so they took the initiative to get up and give their seats to the children.

Ms. Li said that if the old man is not comfortable and does need these positions, in fact, he can tell the little boy about his requirements in a reasonable way. I believe that the little boy should be able to answer the old man's request, rather than come up and be upright and angry and force others to give up their seats, which is hard for anyone to accept. The old man should not take this barbaric way, how can the children bear it? If he is so heavy, what can he do if he gets hurt? Besides, it is unreasonable for the old man to ask the child to give up his seat. The love seat is made for the old, the weak, the sick and the greedy. Of course, the little boy belongs to the reasonable user of the love seat. Since love seats can be used, there is no reason for the old man to ask the little boy to give up his seat.

Respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, which not only needs young people to practice, but also the old people and children should be passion guides and participants of respecting the old and loving the young. Respect for the old and love for the young are not the reasons why these old people can do what they want. In this way, they will only be regarded as relying on the old to sell the old, which arouses everyone's antipathy. The old should be respected and loved by everyone, but only if the old also have self-respect and self love.