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Do I have to go to deal with traffic penalty? Precautions for handling violations it's a very difficult thing to deal with the points deduction of traffic accidents. It's very strict. The violators need to handle it with their driver's license. But it will take a certain time to deal with the points deduction. Their work may be busy and they are not able to deal with it in person, so they intend to entrust others to replace them. So, do I have to go to deal with the penalty?

Do you have to go in person to deal with the penalty points

Whether the vehicle violation ticket needs to be handled by the person himself or not depends on the situation. If it is a violation ticket for on-site punishment, please go to the bank at the first time to pay the fine, no matter who goes. If it is only a traffic violation information notice, then it can also be handled in two situations: the notice display is the violation behavior photographed by the electronic police, if it is photographed in the front, it needs to be handled by myself, if it is photographed in the back, then it can be handled as long as it has a valid official driving license. It's not necessarily necessary for me to go. It can be operated if other people are willing to accept the penalty of points deduction. However, all the drivers' licenses subject to the penalty need me to be present to accept the penalty.

1. Generally, there are two situations in the notice of motor vehicle illegal information, one is the notice of punishment for illegal acts issued by the traffic police (traffic police team), and the other is the notice of punishment for illegal acts (illegal parking) issued by the urban Supervision Brigade (Urban Management Bureau). There is a wide scope of the country, and there will be different treatment methods. Some places handle illegal treatment in the same place, but most places do not handle it in the same place. In general, the notice has a detailed processing location and working time, which needs to be seen clearly when being punished.

2. When being punished, please bring with you the driving license of the illegal parking vehicle and the driving license of the illegal parking driver (or operator). Generally, there is a requirement of active punishment within 15 days on the notice, which is not to be worried. If you accept the punishment beyond the time limit, you will not increase the punishment or the amount of punishment.

3. After the punishment procedures for traffic violations are completed, it is also necessary to go to the bank to pay the fine. Now, if the illegal handling window will not directly receive the fine, and if all traffic violations have been handled, it is necessary to pay the fine within 15 days. If a fine is not paid at the expiration of the time limit, an additional fine of 3% of the amount of the fine shall be imposed daily.

Problems to be noted in handling violations:

1. Violations can be handled in full or in a selective way, and objections to violations can be raised, and administrative reconsideration can be applied for.

2. If there is no objection to the violation, a notice of violation and a fine will be obtained after the deduction of the driving license. You can take illegal documents to designated payment banks (industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, rural credit cooperatives) to pay illegal fines.

3. After handling the violation, keep the receipt after the payment of the fine. If the violation is still in place, you need to take the receipt to the traffic police department to manually clear the violation.

How many days is the time limit for handling traffic violations? 1. According to the provisions of the procedure for handling road traffic safety violations, generally speaking, the violations can be found on the Internet within 15 days after the violation, and the traffic police department can send you letters, but as long as the violations can be checked on the Internet within 15 days, it is not limited by one month.

2. The time to pay the fine is within 15 days after receiving the letter. Generally, the traffic police send registered letters, which can find the time when you receive the letter.