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How to calculate the driving license scoring cycle in 2018? Points for deduction of driver's license the scoring cycle starts from the date of 'first license acquisition' on the driver's license, and 12 months is a scoring cycle. How to calculate the 2018 driving license scoring cycle?

How to calculate scoring period

1. For the first time, a driver who has scored 12 to 24 points (excluding) can clear the traffic illegal score only if he has passed the examination in subject 1. For the driver who has scored 12 points or more twice or has accumulated 24 points (including) in the same cycle, the driver who has to take the examination in subject 1 and subject 3 each time will be filed by the traffic control department.

Among them, the period from the date when the driver first obtains the license to the day before the same day of the next year is a traffic offence scoring cycle. If the date when the driver first obtains the license is 20110401, the traffic offence scoring cycle is 20110401 to 201203031.

2. From July 2012, vehicles without applying for environmental protection signs of motor vehicles are forbidden to go on the road. The "yellow green mark" of the motor vehicle shall be pasted on the upper right side of the inner side of the front windshield of the motor vehicle for the convenience of inspection. It is forbidden to transfer, lend, alter or forge. If a vehicle without a label is found to be on the road, a fine of 200 yuan will be imposed, but no points will be deducted.

When will the driver's license points be cleared

1. The cumulative scoring cycle (i.e. scoring cycle) of road traffic safety violations is 12 months, and the full score is 12 points, which is calculated from the date when the vehicle driver's license is first obtained, and so on. The clearance time of driver's license is the issuing date of the driver's license, and the system will automatically sort out on the issuing date every year. From the 'first license date' of the driver's license, one year is a scoring cycle, and so on.

2. If the initial license acquisition date of the driver's license is may x, 2010, the scoring cycle of the driver's license is from 0:00 on May x, 2010 to 24:00 on May x, 2011.

3. If the score recorded in an illegal scoring cycle is less than 12 points, the scoring system will automatically clear the score recorded in the previous scoring cycle (after paying off the fine) from the next scoring cycle;

4. If the score is 12 points, you need to go to the vehicle management office where the driver's license is issued or the vehicle management office where the illegal act is committed to take part in the study and pass the examination subject 1 (the additional driving subject with 12 points for two consecutive times in a scoring cycle is tested after three times) before clearing the score. Otherwise, your driver's license cannot be used normally.

Driver's license points deduction query

1. The driver's license points can be inquired through the Internet, and the details can be inquired through the national driver's license violation inquiry network.

2. Go to the local public security traffic police network, enter the 'information query' web page, select 'driver information query', there are seven items, including 'traffic violation query, full score query', input the ID card number and driver's license file number to be checked (Guangdong Province needs to input its driver's license file number), and then input the name, all the numbers can be checked out by entering correctly.

Points for deduction of driver's license

1. If the score is less than 12 points deducted in a scoring cycle (12 months from the 'first license acquisition date' of the driver's license), as long as the fine is paid, there is no need to deal with it. At the beginning of the next scoring cycle, the car management computer system will clear all the scores of the previous scoring cycle.

2. If 12 points are deducted in a scoring cycle, the full score record can be eliminated and the normal use of the driver's license can be restored only after the license issuing vehicle management office or illegal vehicle management office has passed the study and passed the examination subject I.

Deduct 12 points from the driver's license to learn the required materials a. the original driver's license.

b. Identification of the applicant.

Deduct 12 points from the driver's license learning process (1) go to the full score inquiry window of the vehicle management business hall and issue the full score appointment contact list of traffic violations to detain the driver's license;

(2) attend seven days of training on road traffic safety laws and regulations in driver safety education school;

(3) take subject 1 examination in the vehicle management office;

(4) after passing the examination, go to the full score inquiry window of the vehicle management business hall to clear the scores and get back the driver's license.