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What are the visa free countries in 2017

What are the 2017 China passport visa free countries some tourists who often go abroad know that visa free passports can save a lot of things and unnecessary troubles. Because of the huge market of Chinese tourists, many countries open visa free mode for domestic tourists. Now let's learn about the countries where Chinese passports are not required to be signed in 2017 together with small editors from all over the world!

Visa free, divided into 'mutual visa free' and 'unilateral visa free' two ways.

What is a landing sign?

It refers to the visa issued to foreigners at the entry port of the country. The relevant countries often require applicants to meet certain conditions.

Group I: visa free countries

1. Serbia: since January 1, 2017, China and Serbia have been exempt from signing each other. Ordinary passport holders in Serbia and China are exempt from visa detention for 30 days, and Serbia has become the first central and Eastern European country to cancel the visa system with China.

2. Ecuador: since August 19, 2016, citizens with Chinese ordinary passports, who are engaged in tourism and related activities or other non-profit activities, will stay for no more than 90 days in a year from the date of entry on the first day to the date of final departure, without visa.

Tonga, Mauritius, Fiji, Bahamas, Seychelles, Grenada and the Republic of San Marino. These seven countries, from the date of entry to the date of departure, have a total stay of no more than 30 days and are exempt from visas.

Group II: countries with unilateral exemption

1. UAE: from November 1, 2016, Chinese citizens who enter the UAE with ordinary passports do not need to apply for visas in advance, and there is no charge for entry. The duration of stay is 30 days. If the holder delays the payment once according to the relevant provisions of the UAE, he can stay for another 30 days.

2. South Korea (Jeju Island and other places): ① individuals or travel groups who hold valid passports and take direct international flights or ships to Jeju Island can enter the country without visa, with a stay period of 30 days; ② travel groups organized by travel agencies designated by China and South Korea, starting from China (including Hong Kong and Macao) and planning to enter Incheon or Jinhai airport and then transfer to Jeju Island by South Korean internal route, without visa Entry.

3. Indonesia: ① with a passport valid for more than 6 months and a ticket to return or go to a third country within 30 days; ② from five international airports in Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Surabaya and Batam, or from four seaports of Sri Bintan Pura, Batam center, sekupang and Tanjung Uban, you can enjoy the visa free policy and stay for no more than 30 days. Visa free policy is only applicable for tourism purposes, and no extension or change to other residence permit is allowed after entry.

4. Morocco: the passport shall be valid for more than 6 months and the period of stay shall not exceed 90 days. If the planned stay time is more than 90 days, you should apply to the local police station or relevant departments for a residence permit after the visa free entry.

5. Jamaica: Chinese citizens who enter Jamaica with valid passports, return air tickets or ship tickets, hotel information and sufficient travel expenses can be exempted from visas and stay for no more than 30 days, but the purpose of entry is limited to tourism.

6. Peru: since September 21, 2016, Chinese passport owners who hold visas valid for more than six months from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Australia or Schengen, or who have long-term residence in these countries and regions, can enter Peru without signing for travel or business activities, with a stay period of 180 days.

7. Saipan: at the same time, it can meet the following requirements: (1) individuals go to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to engage in business activities or tourism; (2) hold valid machine-readable travel passports that meet the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (Note: my ordinary passports meet the standards); and (3) hold the connecting round-trip air tickets with reserved seats. The period of stay shall not exceed 45 days.

8. Dominica: for the purpose of tourism, those who hold valid passports, return tickets, hotel pre orders or materials proving that they can afford to travel can enter the country without signing, and the duration of stay is 21 days.

9. Samoa: Chinese tourists with valid passports and return tickets can enter the country without signature. If the stay period is 60 days or more, they need to apply to Samoa Immigration Bureau for extension.

10. French Reunion: travel agencies approved by China's tourism administration that have the qualification to organize outbound tourism organize groups to stay for self-service tourism, family tourism or follow-up tours. Visa free entry is allowed, with a limit of 14 days.

11: French Polynesia: same as above.

12. Haiti: with a passport valid for more than six months, you can enter from Port au Prince without visa. The stay period is three months, without any fee.

13. Antigua and Barbuda: hold a valid Chinese passport for a period of no more than 30 days. Other citizens who need to stay in Anbar for 30 days, study, work, carry out media activities or engage in activities subject to government approval need to apply for visas at the British Embassy in China before entering the country.

14. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (British overseas territory): tourists over 16 years old will be charged 110 pounds for no more than 72 hours and 160 pounds for more than 72 hours.

15. Turks and Caicos Islands (British overseas territory): holders of valid passports and valid air tickets to a third country or return can enter the country without visa. The maximum stay period is no more than 90 days, and can apply for extension.

Group 3: countries with unilateral permission to sign

1. Thailand: you can apply for landing visa with business ordinary passport and ordinary passport. Materials to be provided: valid passport, visa application form, photo, return ticket, property certificate. The landing visa can be handled at 24 designated ports. The duration of stay is 15 days.

During the period from December 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017, Thailand's visa fee was reduced:

The announcement of the Consulate General is as follows:

⊙ temporarily reduce the single entry tourist visa fee (1000 baht per person, 230 yuan);

⊙ for nationals of countries or regions that can apply for landing visa at Thai airport port, temporarily reduce the cost of landing visa from 2000 baht per person to 1000 baht.

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2. Maldives: you can apply for landing visa at male International Airport. Materials to be provided: entry registration card, return or third country air ticket, hotel order or travel certificate. It is valid for 30 days without any fee.

3. Lebanon: apply for landing visa at all open ports in Lebanon. Address information (e.g. hotel order) during stay in Lebanon is required. The visa is valid for one month without any fee.

4. Myanmar: apply for landing permit at Yangon International Airport and Mandalay International Airport. Materials to be provided: visa application form, 2 recent color photos (4 * 6cm) of children under 7 years old with independent passport need to provide proof of kinship. The period of stay before entry is 28 days and the visa fee is 40 US dollars.

5. Nepal: the application can be made at the designated port, and the passport is valid for at least 15 days. Materials to be provided: valid passports, passport photos and landing visa can be handled for 15-90 days.

6. Sri Lanka: can apply for landing permit at Colombo International Airport and Hambantota International Airport. Materials to be provided: all kinds of passports, round-trip air tickets or joint air tickets. The stay period of the entry visa is not more than 30 days, which can be extended, and the delay is subject to US $35; the transit visa with 7-day validity is subject to US $25; the transit visa with 2-day validity is subject to no charge.

7. Azerbaijan: need to provide valid passport and joint flight ticket.

8. Bahrain: you can apply for landing permit at Bahrain International Airport and Fahd King Bridge. Materials to be provided: round-trip ticket, contact person in Pakistan and clear residence, personal economic ability certificate. The stay period is 14 days, and 5 Bahrain (85 yuan) service charge is required, which can be extended once.

9. East Timor: any of the following three documents can be signed at Dili International Airport: ① visa permission letters issued by East Timor embassies in China; ② guarantee letters provided by East Timor guarantors; ③ entry permission issued by East Timor Immigration Bureau (online application is available).

10. Indonesia: with ordinary passport, round-trip ticket or third international ticket, the stay period is 30 days, and can be extended once. (it's not that the little overseas Chinese made a mistake. It's that Indonesia is not only a unilateral visa free country, but also a unilateral country that allows landing visa.)

11. Laos: the landing visa can be handled in Laos through all countries and ports. Materials to be provided: landing sign application form, applicant's photo, stay period of 30 days, handling fee of $20.

12. Turkmenistan: the host shall apply for the landing signature in the capital of Turkmenistan or the Immigration Bureau of each state in advance. Passport, invitation letter, approval letter from immigration bureau, health certificate and other relevant documents shall be provided when entering the country. The duration of stay depends on the invitation.

13. Brunei: the landing visa can be handled at all entry ports including Brunei International Airport. Mao can enter the country at one time and stay for 14 days (for more than 14 days, he needs to apply for visa in advance). Materials to be provided: connecting air tickets and hotel booking information, only for those who want to travel.

14. Iran: can apply for landing visa at the entry port. Materials to be provided: copies of passports, round-trip air tickets, photos (women need to wear headscarves), stay period of 15 days, can not be extended, visa fee is 80 euros.

15. Jordan: can apply for landing visa at the port of entry. Materials to be provided: original passport, detailed address in Jordan, stay period of 30 days. Details of visa fee: about 20 for one entry, about 30 for second entry and about 60 for multiple entry in half a year.

16. Vietnam: the following conditions can be applied for at international ports: ① attend the funeral of relatives or visit seriously ill relatives (with certificate); ② enter the country to participate in the tourism organized by Vietnam International Travel Agency; ③ other special or emergency reasons. The duration of stay is one month or less. One entry of US $45; six-month multiple entry of US $95; one year multiple entry of US $135.

17. Cambodia: it can be handled at all land and air ports. Visa can be divided into two types: tourist visa and business visa. Materials to be provided: visa application form, one color photo. The duration of stay is 30 days. The travel landing sign can be extended once, and the business landing sign can be extended many times.

18. Bangladesh: for official business, business, investment and tourism to Bangladesh, with valid passport and return ticket, you can apply for landing visa at its international airport and land port.

19. Egypt: before departure, the inviting party or travel agency of Egypt shall complete the landing sign and file it with the Egyptian Immigration Bureau. Approved persons can enter from Cairo, Alexandria, holgeda, Sharm el Sheikh and Luxor for 30 days at a cost of $15.

20. Togo: you can apply at Lome Eyadema International Airport and some border ports. The duration of stay is seven days, and you need to pay 10000 West African francs.

21. Cape Verde: you can apply at its international airports, with a stay period of 30 days, free of charge for sprain and official passports, and 25 yuan for ordinary passports.

22. Guinea Bissau: Chinese citizens log on HTTPS / / and operate according to the process. After paying the visa fee online, they will receive the receipt by e-mail, print the receipt by themselves as the visa instruction for the third country to go to Guinea Bissau, and then get the corresponding visa after arriving at the airport of Bissau.

23. Comoros: you can apply at Moroni International Airport with all kinds of Chinese passports. You need to collect photos and fingerprint information when you apply. The duration of stay is 45 days.

24. Cote d'Ivoire: materials to be provided: ID card and passport copy of the invitee, passport copy of the applicant, two color photos, ticket and itinerary list, hotel order and invitation letter