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What should I pay attention to before I get married?

marriage is a big thing in life, which needs to be treated with caution. Many things need to be prepared and negotiated before marriage. Only in this way can the wedding go smoothly. At the same time, it can guarantee the happiness of married life. Sometimes it can't be avoided that all kinds of contradictions lead to divorce after marriage, and all kinds of disputes are easy to solve.

1. Determine your feelings. The premise of marriage is that both parties are willing, and at the same time, they should know whether their living habits and personalities are suitable for themselves. This needs to feel and run in slowly in the process of love. Don't try to get married without fully understanding each other's situation. It's easy to cause a series of discord after marriage.

2. Recognition of parents of both parties. Marriage is not a joke. It needs the approval of parents with double hair. This kind of love will last for a long time. Before marriage, parents need to consult with each other, so that parents of both men and women can communicate well with each other, so as to ensure a stable and happy life after marriage.

3. Betrothal gifts. This can be said to be an important thing in marriage. Before you get married, you need to discuss how much you want. Don't ask for more betrothal gifts on your wedding day. At the same time, when giving the bride price, you should ask for personal justice, or let the matchmaker know the details and act as the notary of both parties. In this way, there is evidence and basis for returning the bride price in the future conflicts. Or to solve the problem of bride price.

4. Property. Before marriage, we need to notarize the property, so as to avoid the property dispute in the future. After all, housework is not easy to break. Without evidence, it is easy to cause more trouble. Although love is to trust each other, these procedures are necessary. After all, it's easy to solve what really happened.

5. Wedding preparation. Wedding preparation needs both parties to discuss and decide, according to their respective customs, marriage procedures and so on, to make a wedding that both parties are satisfied with. What to buy, what to decorate, and which friends and relatives to invite should be prepared in advance.

6. Attitude. We should take marriage seriously, be fair and just, and discuss what should be discussed. Sometimes, we should not ignore some things because of face and other issues. After all, no one knows whether the married life is happy or not. Don't wait until the divorce because of bride price, property and other issues and let yourself fall into helpless.