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Can drinking black sesame paste cure white hair

We all know that black sesame has certain effect on promoting the growth of black hair. Can drinking black sesame paste cure white hair? How to treat white hair? Come and have a look

1. Eat black hair

Black sesame and walnut have vitamin and calcium that human body needs, eat more can make hair blacken.

It's better to stir fry the sesame seeds and grind them with tools. Every day, tea is put in it to soak and drink together. You can also use boiled water to put eggs and sesame seeds together to drink. It is not only nutritious but also can make your hair black.

2. Live black hair

Life here refers to physical and mental health, happy mood. As the saying goes: smile for ten years, worry for a white head is the truth.

No matter what difficulties and unhappy things are encountered in life and work, we should keep a positive attitude, happy and happy mood. It's better to try our best to do everything, and don't worry too much.

3. Sleep with black hair

A good sleep quality is the premise to ensure black hair. One is to avoid the mental depression caused by staying up late, leading to hair loss and quality. Second, good sleep quality can secrete and grow black hair.

Early to bed and early to rise form a good biological clock. Bubble feet help you sleep.

4. Wash out black hair

A good shampoo can delay and increase the blackness of hair. On the contrary, bad shampoos not only damage the quality of hair, but also make it fall off.

Don't change the brand of shampoo often. Shampoo also has an adaptation process for hair. Buy some shampoo brands that are commonly used. It is not recommended to buy them in small retail stores.

5. Protect black hair

If you want your hair to be black and shiny, we can use hair conditioner and other accessories to care for your hair and make it bright and shiny.

To buy some targeted conditioner, and adhere to the use, do not use some days and do not use. This has no effect. And it should be used in strict accordance with the instructions, because the use method of the instructions is the most effective method proved by practice.

6. Develop black hair

Do more physical exercise not only can strengthen the body, but also can promote the secretion of hair melanin, so that the hair black bright.

Do aerobics, take a regular walk, run, and get together with friends for sports.