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How to remedy the body after staying up late

Four seas network: now the pressure of life, speed up the pace. As a result, people's time is becoming more and more insufficient, and their sleep time is constantly compressed. But often staying up late is very bad for your health. So the food therapy after staying up late, after staying up late, is not the only way, let's try the food therapy.

Food therapy after staying up late

1. Stewed Eucommia with pork loin

Take 25g Eucommia ulmoides Oliv and 1 pork kidney to stew in water for 1 hour, and take it once every day or every two or three days. It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening muscles and bones. It is suitable for those who suffer from backache and limb weakness after staying up late.

2. Stewed lean meat with lotus seed and Lily

Take 20g of lotus seed (without heart), 20g of Lily and 100g of lean pork, add some water to the same pot, and season the meat with salt after it is cooked and rotten. It has the effect of clearing the heart and moistening the lungs, tonifying the Qi and calming the nerves. It is suitable for those who suffer from dry cough, insomnia, upset and palpitation after staying up late.

3. Lily and lotus seed soup

Use 60g fresh lily or 30g dried lily powder, cook congee with 100g japonica rice, mix in some sugar or honey, lotus seed, and take it in dinner or afternoon.

When making soup or porridge with lily, you can also add other food or traditional Chinese medicine as appropriate.

Add Tremella to moisten the lungs;

Adding mung bean can strengthen the effect of clearing heart and detoxifying;

Add Job's tears to remove moisture at the same time. This recipe is especially suitable for women to eat after staying up late.

In addition, pay attention to diet when staying up late:

1. To avoid instant noodles, crispy bread, meat products and other high fat food. Because their digestion speed is very slow, it will delay the time of gastric emptying, and may even affect appetite the next day.

2. In the evening, try to eat less fried, barbecue, fried food, such as fried peanuts, roasted mutton kebabs, etc., which will cause adverse effects on the gastric mucosa.

3. At night, the intake of fruit should also be moderate, do not eat fruit with more sugar, or it may cause frequent night rise and affect sleep quality.

4. Try to avoid anything too salty. Because this will let you drink water constantly, but also make it difficult to drain water, not only affect sleep, but also easily lead to the next day face edema.

5 moves to reduce the sequelae of staying up late

After staying up late, it's easy to be drowsy and can't lift your spirits. At this time, the immediate recovery of physical strength is the most important. Here are five tips to help you reduce the harm of staying up late.


Refreshing water and drinking black tea

Although drinking coffee after staying up late is refreshing, it will consume the B vitamins in the human body after drinking coffee, which makes people feel tired instead.

Shi Ming, deputy director of Shanghai insomnia cooperation center, suggested that: when staying up late or after staying up late, it is better to drink black tea, because black tea is fully fermented tea, although the content of tea polyphenols is small, after the 'maturing' process, it is less irritating and mild. Drink to refresh, but will not affect the rest.


Take a deep breath when you feel tired

If you feel very tired after staying up late, take a deep breath and do it every half an hour. This can increase the brain's oxygen supply and drive away fatigue.


Have a fruit meal to protect your eyes

After staying up late, there will be eye pain, dryness, swelling and other problems. At this time, it's best to do eye exercises and eat some fruits properly, such as mango, orange, carrot and other orange fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A. The utility model can improve the adaptability of staying up late to light and prevent visual fatigue.

Blueberries and cherries are especially suitable for staying up late. In addition to protecting the eyes, the antioxidants they contain can also refresh and prevent fatigue.


Don't forget to take a nap

There is a proverb: "one night does not sleep, ten nights do not wake up.". It means that if you don't sleep all night, it will take a long time for your body to recover.

After staying up late, the best remedy is to go to sleep. After a normal night's sleep, you need to take a nap. Generally, young people need 2-3 days. People over 40 can recover in about 5 days.


Stay up late and press two acupoints

Zhaohai acupoint: pressing this acupoint can relieve the symptoms of throat dryness, red eyes, etc. caused by asthenic fire. When pressing, you will feel acid, numbness and distension. After pressing for 5-10 minutes, you will feel comfortable.

Yongquan point: pressing this point can relieve dry mouth, dizziness and anxiety caused by staying up late and burning. Press 20-30 times.