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How to win the respect of others completely?

now is an era of blooming flowers. As long as we have strong enough ability, we can exert our own burden. However, due to our lack of emotional intelligence, we are not sophisticated enough to do things and lose the respect of others, so how do we do it. Now I will introduce it to you.

1. If we want to get the respect of others, we must exercise our own ability. Only when we have strong business ability in our work, can others know that you are not a flower growing in the greenhouse. Sometimes your ability may make him overcome, so that we can achieve the goal.

2. One of the common diseases of many people who are not respected by others is that they have not established their own reputation. If they fail to do what they promise others, they will be alienated over time, so we must pay attention to their own reputation.

3. Some living habits often affect the bonds that we are respected by others. For example, our speech and behavior, some vitriolic people's words, specially sprinkle salt on your scars. Then such people are not only disrespected, but also may be despised, so we must not do so.

4. Caring for others is a kind of warmth, a kind of care, a refreshing fragrance. We need to look at problems from the perspective of others when caring for others, so as to shorten the distance between us and make others better understand themselves and respect themselves.

5. Modern society emphasizes positive energy. We should dare to fight against some evil forces. For example, some people bully the elderly by virtue of their youth. We should dare to fight to the end. This is a good young man's behavior, so that we can win more respect.

6. Win respect, although give us a lot of honor, but also for our spur, we should work hard, learn, become an example of our generation.