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Millet glory bar has a big contrast between the appearance of millet max3 and glory note10

Xiaomi mobile phone official just warmed up. With the exposure of Xiaomi max3's real machine, recently came the glory note10, which will also be released in July. Millet glory is it on the bar

on July 12, Xiaomi Mobile announced that it would hold a new product Conference on July 19 to release Xiaomi max3. A rare word "T & agrave; I" composed of three major parts is used to describe Xiaomi max3. It can be basically confirmed that Xiaomi max3 still focuses on large screen and large power. Interestingly, the honor aspect has also confirmed that the new glory note10 of the same type will be released in July. It seems that Xiaomi and the glory are right again.

from the perspective of product category, both Xiaomi max3 and glory note10 will be tablet like products. Although they may not be as hot as ordinary flagship phones, they still have a lot of fans. According to the temporary information, the Xiaomi max3 is expected to use a 6.9-inch screen with a snapdragon 6365400mah battery. The glory note 10 on the other side will be equipped with Kirin 970 processor, 6 + 128GB storage combination, 160 million AI dual cameras and 6000 MAH super capacity battery.

in terms of configuration, glory note10 will be better. With the recent popular GPU turbo technology, we believe that the expectation value of glory note10 with excellent cost performance is indeed higher than that of Xiaomi max3. After GPU turbo, there will be 'very scary' technology, according to the honorable president. Glory note 10 they have been preparing for two years. I don't know what 'big kill' has been prepared for this glory?