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Who can win the 2018 World Cup final championship match France vs Croatia

The final match of the world cup has been announced, and France and Croatia will have a summit match. However, the historical achievements of both sides will make Croats slightly short of breath. What's the historical record of France vs. Croatia? Which team has a better historical record?

World Cup final view:

Time: 23:00, July 15, Beijing time

Match highlights: Modric PK Cante, from the previous games, to prevent Modric will hold Croatia's biggest lifeline, but no matter Denmark, Russia or England team can limit Modric's play on the court. But the French team is different. Deschamps has the trump card of Cantor to play. In the match between France and Argentina, Messi was closely watched by Cantor and didn't play a very important role. So in the final, the French team's task of watching Modric will still be on Cantor, so the play of the two teams' midfield core will greatly affect the result of the match.

Match forecast: France vs Croatia

If the battle is resolved within 90 minutes, France will be considered to have defeated Croatia, with the score of 1:0 and 2:1 (personal view, for reference only)

Comparison between the two teams:


Number of World Cup entries: 15

World Cup best results: 1998 World Cup champion, 2006 World Cup runner up, 1958 World Cup runner up, 1986 World Cup runner up

World Cup Time: 1930-1938, 1950-2014

FIFA ranking: 7


Number of World Cup entries: 4

The best result of the World Cup: the third place of the 1998 French World Cup

World Cup Time: 1998, 2002, 2006, 2014

FIFA ranking: 17