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How often is it best to wash your hair

How often do you wash your hair? Wrong frequency of hair washing can lead to endocrine disorders. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian

everyone's hair quality is different, so it can't be said with one sigh.

1. Oily hair:

It's quite noisy. It's uncomfortable to wash your hair without washing it in one day, so we wash it almost every two days. So people with oily hair should drink more water at ordinary times to keep their balance.

General oily hair 1-3 days wash hair once. Because the hair and scalp also have a protective film, regular hair washing can damage hair follicles. Therefore, it is recommended to wash once every 1-3 days.

2. Dry hair:

People with dry hair usually live or work in a hot, dry environment. Their hair is often dehydrated and yellow and dry. This kind of person also maintains the good diet and the drinking water plus the movement, lets the hair vigor rise. This kind of hair can be washed once every 7 days.

3. Damaged hair:

Damaged hair can be a nutritional problem or a problem with hair follicles. As long as the oil does not dry can be delayed to 10 days yesterday shampoo once.

4. Neutral hair:

Neutral hair is generally not good or bad, but good or bad. So in general, the hair and skin can be washed once in 4-5 days.

By environment:

1. Constant temperature and humidity environment:

The environment with constant temperature and humidity is generally in a dust-free room without pollution. Such hair can be cleaned once every 7-10 days. 2. Arid environment:

Dry climate is easy to produce dust, so the place with dust must be dirty, and people's hair is dry and normal, so keep the nutrition balance in their own body, the hair is only abnormal with fever, and the hair root is OK.

3. Dust environment:

Dust environment is very troublesome. You have to clean it almost every day. Especially in the industrial development of major cities, the pollution is serious. Some people wash it once a day, and some people wash it twice a day. There is little washing every five days.