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What is the difference between organic cauliflower and ordinary cauliflower the so-called organic cauliflower is not the cauliflower variety, but the requirements for the vegetable planting environment. It is not the organic cauliflower that grows fluffy. The compact cauliflower is not the organic cauliflower. It can be called the organic cauliflower as long as the planting environment can meet the organic standard.

In the farmer's market, almost every stall sells a kind of "organic cauliflower" with fluffy appearance. The price is not cheap, twice as high as that of ordinary cauliflower. In addition, the price of "organic" cauliflower has risen sharply. The price of ordinary cauliflower is about 3 yuan per Jin, while the price of this self proclaimed organic cauliflower variety is 6.5 yuan. But the real 'organic' is the requirement of the vegetable growing environment, and it is difficult to buy in the farmer's market.

In fact, most of the organic cauliflower sold on the market is Pinellia. 'now most of the agricultural markets are selling old varieties of Pinellia. In the early days, when cauliflower was planted as a vegetable, the flower buds were all loose. Because of the low yield of this loose cauliflower, later people cultivated cauliflower with white and compact flower balls, also known as tight cauliflower, through continuous artificial selection.

The requirements of organic cauliflower are very high, water, soil, fertilizer, etc. should meet the organic standards, but at present, there are not many vegetable planting bases that can really meet the standards, and the output is also very low.

1. Misunderstanding of organic cauliflower

There are some misunderstandings in people's understanding of organic cauliflower in their daily life. Many people, misled by the vegetable vendors, will think that the cauliflower with some loose texture is organic cauliflower, while the cauliflower with compact texture is ordinary cauliflower. In fact, the real organic cauliflower is not differentiated from the form of cauliflower, but from its planting environment.

2. The difference between organic cauliflower and cauliflower

Organic cauliflower is a kind of cauliflower, but its nutritional value and taste are better than ordinary cauliflower, and its edible safety is more guaranteed. Because organic cauliflower is a kind of cauliflower produced according to the standard of organic agriculture, it will not use any pesticide and chemical fertilizer, or other substances with chemical composition in the process of production, which is the safest in the market now It's the healthiest vegetable in the world.

3. Organic cauliflower works better than cauliflower

Organic cauliflower is a kind of natural and pollution-free characteristic vegetable. Its nutritional value is better than ordinary cauliflower, and it also has a variety of health care effects. After people eat it, the body can quickly digest and absorb organic cauliflower, which can play a variety of effects, such as tonifying the spleen and stomach, tonifying the kidney and strengthening the bones. Eating more at ordinary times can reduce the body's oxidation reaction, inhibit cancer and other evils The occurrence of sexual diseases.