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How to deal with heatstroke in summer

Summer, easy to cause heatstroke, diet, dizziness and other performance, serious or even shock, the following small weave take you to popularize heatstroke how to do? How to solve heatstroke effectively

1. Peppermint and Huoxiang drink.

10 grams of Agastache leaf, Elsholtzia leaf and peppermint leaf respectively, submerge them in water to degree, fry them and cover them when frying.

The herb in the recipe is spicy, slightly warm. Return to the spleen, stomach, lung channel. Can aromatize turbid, and stop vomiting, published heatstroke. It is often used in the syndrome of heat dampness, chest distress, etc. it is a good medicine for relieving heat dampness. Elsholtzia enters lung and stomach channels. Perspiration to relieve the surface, dampness and middle, diuresis and detumescence. According to this sutra, Elsholtzia Plants rise first and then fall, so hot clothes can spread heat evil, cold drinks can relieve heat and promote urination, which is very effective in water treatment. 'peppermint is spicy and cool, which can disperse the wind heat, clear the head, dredge the liver and Qi. Commonly used in exogenous wind heat, headache, sore throat and so on. The above three drugs can be used together to relieve heat and dampness, and can also be fragrant and clear to the body, which has a good relieving effect on headache, dizziness, weakness and chest distress caused by heat stroke.

2. Mint rice congee.

30 grams of fresh mint, 60 grams of rice and 20 grams of rock candy. First fry the mint with water and let it cool. Use rice to cook porridge, add sugar and mint soup when it's almost cooked, and then boil for one or two. Twice a day.

It can nourish the spleen and stomach. Japonica rice porridge has the functions of nourishing spleen, stomach and clearing lung. Bingtang is sweet, mild and nontoxic. Meridian tropism: into the lung and spleen. It can nourish the middle and Qi, moisten the lung with the stomach, relieve cough and phlegm. The combination of three substances can not only relieve summer heat and dampness, but also strengthen the spleen and stomach, and supplement the nutrients lost due to sweating. Compared with the above, this prescription is suitable for the patients with the main symptoms of heatstroke, gastrointestinal discomfort and loss of appetite.

In summer, we should keep the spirit clear, the mind broad, and the mind strong. It's better to exercise in the cool weather in the morning or evening, go to the park, riverbank or indoor, and choose appropriate exercise items, such as jogging, walking, etc.