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What is the dirty thing in navel eye navel eye can you clean? in the hot summer, many girls like to wear navel clothes. They are fashionable and sexy, but some people don't want to show their navel. This is because it is popular among the people that the navel can't be cleaned. To keep it dirty, can the dirty things in the navel be cleaned? What's the dirty things in the navel?

What is the dirty thing in navel eye?

We often see mud like substances in our navel eyes. This is because the navel is located in the low position of the skin, which is easy to hide dirt. The internal organs of people can get part of the oxygen through the navel. This process will make the air or the dust on the clothes stay in the navel, and the dirt will form after a long time.

And in the process of our skin metabolism, there will be more dead epidermal cells, sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands, and dirt mixed together, and dirt accumulated over time, so our navel is still very dirty.

Is the navel connected to the gut?

Many people think that navel is connected with intestine. Cleaning navel is easy to cause intestinal infection and abdominal pain. In fact, the navel is not connected with the gut. It's a dead end. However, there are abundant capillaries on the navel, which are connected with the surrounding tissues. If the navel is inflamed, the inflammatory factors will flow along the veins, and then affect other parts of the body, and even cause septicemia.

Can navel clean?

There is a "obsession" in people's life about body cleaning. They can't help cleaning their navels. Feng Zhicheng pointed out that it's best not to wash their navels too much. If they have to wash their navels, they must carry out scientific cleaning in combination with their own conditions. If necessary, they should seek the guidance of doctors.

If the navel is shallow, you can wash it directly with warm water; if the navel is deep, the wrinkled part may hide dirt. At this time, you can use cotton ball or cotton swab to gently scrub, and if necessary, you can also dip a little bath gel or soap. Wash the residue immediately after cleaning and wipe with a soft towel to keep the navel dry.

When cleaning the dirt on the navel by hand, keep your hands clean and move lightly to avoid skin damage and infection caused by too heavy force. Because the skin of navel is thin and full of capillaries, it is easy to be injured.

Navel is also a very important acupoint. Navel is a place where bacteria and dirt often linger, and also a protective threshold for our internal organs. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it clean, not to allow dirt to stay for a long time, put an end to health risks, and protect it. In short, the navel should be washed, but do not wash too hard. Whether it's "never wash" or "always wash" on the Internet, it's biased.

Conclusion: the above is the knowledge about whether the navel can be cleaned. Because the navel is the place where the umbilical cord is cut at birth, people will naturally associate that it may be connected with the internal organs, and use the dirty things to block it to prevent 'air exposure'. However, we should correctly examine the dispute of navel cleaning from a scientific point of view, and keep the navel clean at the same time Regular navel cleaning.