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What to pay attention to when bathing during pregnancy

After a woman is pregnant, she can't take a bath as she used to. A pregnant mother has to think about the safety of her baby in her belly when she does anything, especially when taking a bath. Let's take a look at what we should pay attention to when taking a bath during pregnancy

1. The water temperature should be controlled between 35-38 ℃

The water temperature should not be too high. If it is higher than 38 ℃, it is likely to cause anoxia and dysplasia of the fetus in the abdomen. If the temperature is too low, it is lower than 35 ℃, the pregnant woman may catch cold and cause cold. If cold and hot water alternate bath, it is easy to cause cold, uterine contraction and other adverse consequences. 2. Bath time should not be too long:

Pregnant women basically take a bath every day. It's better to take a shower for 10 minutes every day to ensure that they are fresh every day. Bathing time can be a little longer, but it should be controlled within 20 minutes, because the general space in the bathroom is narrow, and if the bathing time is too long, pregnant women's brain supplement is easy to be short of blood supply, which may lead to dizziness, suffocation, fatigue, etc. at the same time, the fetal heart rate may be accelerated, hypoxia, etc. 3. Take a bath every day:

Taking a bath every day can ensure that the pregnant woman's body is fresh, especially the breasts and vulva parts should be cleaned every day. Pregnant women should not be bothered. If the season does not affect bathing every day, you can wipe the body parts with warm water every day to ensure cleanliness, so that the pregnant women themselves are also refreshed, and a good mood is conducive to the growth of the fetus. 4. Avoid bath:

Pregnant women should avoid using bath or steam bath, sitting in the tub, the water in the tub will gradually become dirty, the body is soaked in dirty water, it is not easy to wash very clean, the bath will make the water into the vagina depth, easy to get gynecological diseases affecting the normal development of the fetus. 5. Choose a shower:

After pregnancy, the endocrine function of the female body has changed greatly. The original acid secretion of the sterilization effect of the vagina is reduced, and the natural defense function of the body is reduced. Therefore, it is easy to get gynecological diseases by sitting bath, and shower can effectively avoid this phenomenon. And shower is from the top to the bottom to wash, which is conducive to washing all the dirty things. 6. Accompanied during bathing:

Pregnant women should not take a bath carelessly. When there is no one at home, it's better not to take a bath to prevent accidents and no one to rescue them. For more than 8 months, it is better to have a bath accompanied by family members to prevent premature delivery.

7. Do a good job of safety precautions before bathing:

Before taking a bath, you should prepare the bath articles to prevent less articles from affecting the bath or even running out of the bathroom to catch a cold. It's better to put a high stool in the bathroom. If you feel tired from standing, you can sit down and faint at the same time. You should wear antiskid slippers to prevent wrestling. Antiskid pads should be laid where there is water in the bathroom. Ventilation equipment should be installed in the bathroom. Otherwise, too much steam will easily make you dizzy.