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Master these five kinds of traffic camera knowledge to prevent illegal shooting for the car owners, it's a terrible thing to be fined for breaking the rules. However, it's inevitable to drive a car all the time. What's more, if you're photographed for breaking the rules, you can only pay the fine obediently. We will encounter all kinds of cameras working silently. Which one is illegal? Which one is speed measuring? Which one is used for monitoring?

1. Intersection

This is the most common snapshot on the road. You should have seen it. It's used to take pictures of road violations, such as turning around at will, changing lanes continuously, stopping illegally, retrograde roads, running red lights, pressing solid lines, etc.

The capture rate of this kind of camera is almost 100%. Generally, the recognition time is about 1 second. The license plate rate is 95% in the daytime and 90% in the evening. As long as your speed is within 5-180 km / h, you can be captured.

2. Special for monitoring traffic flow

A camera like a thin pole. It is used to count the number of cars on a certain road at different times. Provide data support for signal control (reasonably adjust the time interval between traffic lights). The owner should not be excited when seeing it, and will not be used to record vehicle violations.

3. Overspeed camera

This kind of camera is believed that the car owner has a deep understanding. Most of it will be installed in the places with instructions to let the car owner know the speed limit in front of him, and some will be secretly installed in the green belt in the middle of the highway. It's very secret. It's hard to find out. If you find it flashes twice when you drive by, you'll be ready to pay a fine!

4. Illegal parking

It can also monitor which cars are retrograde, or which cars are parked here for a long time. The accuracy is also quite high. It can zoom, automatically adjust the focus, and the visual distance is 200m.

5. Speed limit camera

Generally, it is common on expressways, especially those with more lanes, which are used in sections with speed limit of 60 or 80 or below. Some of them are under the high-speed bridge, row by row. Some of them are often on the main roads in and out of the outer ring road of a city. These monitors will take pictures of every passing car, which can play a huge role in the detection of criminal cases!