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How to clean up oil pollution in kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you can cook all kinds of delicious food for your family to enjoy. It's also the place where you can hide the most filth, especially the oil pollution. Here are some good ways to remove the oil pollution. Let's take a look at them

timely cleaning: after every day's meal, the kitchen floor will be stained with water stains, vegetable scraps, oil stains, etc., which should be cleaned up in time. First, pick up the vegetable scraps and put them in the garbage can, then wet the towel with hot water, wring it out, and wipe it on the floor two or three times to clean it.

Washing powder cleaning: When the kitchen floor is covered with a layer of greasy oil stains, you can use washing powder to clean it. First, sprinkle some dry washing powder on the floor. At this time, take some water in the dishcloth, and do not wring it too dry. Then, wipe it all over the floor where the washing powder is sprinkled, so that the washing powder can penetrate into the oil stains. After 5 minutes, wash the dishcloth with water, wring it dry, and then wipe the oil stains clean Yes.

Detergent cleaning: after adding detergent into hot water and mixing evenly, use a rag or mop to dip detergent water on the floor board for back and forth cleaning. Finally, wipe the floor dry with water.

Baking soda cleaning: first boil a basin of water, put baking soda into the boiling water to melt, and then wipe the floor with soda water with a rag, and the oil stains on the floor will be removed soon. Finally, clean it with water.

Stubborn stains: due to the lack of cleaning the oil stains on the floor for a long time, there will be a thick black oil stain on the floor, and the usual cleaning method will not work at all. First use a shovel to remove the dirt on the floor surface, and then use a rag with detergent to wipe it several times.

Vinegar + detergent: pour hot water, add some white vinegar, and then add detergent. The formula is: 3:2:1. Let it all mix, with a dishcloth with water can clean up the oil stains on the floor.

Note: the rags or mops that have been applied to the floor must be cleaned without oil stains on them. Can use soda powder to boil with water for a while, it will be white and clean, and can also be sterilized.