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2018 World Cup final second place score forecast world cup final schedule only a few days from the 2018 World Cup final, experiencing all kinds of group matches, the 2018 World Cup is full of surprises and surprises. The final time of the 2018 Russia world cup is the second place in the World Cup final. The score forecast: 23:00 on July 15, 2018! Who will be the champion, France vs. Croatia!

Looking back on the progress of the two teams, France and Croatia are both in the knockout competition as the first team in the group. Croatia won all three games. France's two wins and one average reflects the excellent state of the two teams. They are also one of the most stable teams in the group match.

Entering the knockout game, the two teams have a very different way of promotion. With the outstanding performance of mbape and glitzman, France successively eliminated Argentina 4-3, beat Uruguay 2-0, and beat Belgium 1-0, while Croatia experienced two penalty shootout games and a thrilling victory over Denmark and Russia. In the semi-final, they just managed to advance to the final after another bitter battle.

The two sides had played at the 1998 World Cup in France. When Croatia lost to France, they played again. Can Croatia, who has made history, still recreate a miracle?

World Cup final schedule: Beijing time, July 15, 23:00: France vs Croatia! We'll see.