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2018 nursing examination score line inquiry address 2018 nursing examination score inquiry steps Recently, the results of the nursing examination have been published. The friends participating in the nursing examination can log in to the website for inquiry. At present, the inquiry portal has been opened. Many friends don't know how to inquire. Let's have a look.

The 2018 nurse performance query portal of China Health Talent Network was officially opened at 9:50 on July 9.

2018 nurse qualification examination results query website:

2018 nurse qualification examination score query entry:

2018 nurse qualification certificate score inquiry portal [opened]

According to the provisions of the measures for the examination of nurses' professional qualification (Order No. 74 of the former Ministry of health and the Ministry of human resources and social security), in principle, the examination of nurses' professional qualification is conducted by means of man-machine dialogue.

In 2018, the nurse practice qualification examination was fully implemented with the man-machine dialogue examination. Due to different batches of test questions in the human-computer dialogue test, in order to ensure the fairness of the test, the 2018 nurse practice qualification test adopts standard score report results.

1. After the result line of nurse practice qualification examination is announced, the qualified candidates can log in China Health Talent Network with their examination permit number and valid certificate number, download and print the result certificate as the valid certificate of applying for nurse practice registration.

2. China Health Talent Network is the only formal way to query and obtain the score information of nurse practice qualification examination. All the messages that can modify the exam score, such as "failed exam, internal operation", "internal bonus" and "contracted" distributed through other websites, e-mail, chat tools, SMS, telephone, etc., are called fraud information.

Please do not be deceived! In case of the above situation, please report to the public security organ in time.

Query steps

1. Log in to China Health Talent Network, click "performance query" on the left to enter the performance query area;

2. Select "nurse qualification examination" in the score inquiry area and click to enter the score inquiry entry;

3. On the results query page of the 2018 nurse practice qualification examination, you can query the results with your examination permit number and valid certificate number. And download and print the report card within the specified time.

matters needing attention:

1. The examination permit number and certificate number entered must be the same as the one on the examination permit.

2. If you lose the examination permit, please click "search the examination Permit No." to search.

3. The 2018 nurse qualification examination adopts standard score report, please click here for details.

4. Opening time for printing achievement notice: from July 18 to November 30, 2017, please avoid the peak period (at the beginning and near the end) to download and print.

5. Please email if you have any problems during query

6. The results of the 2018 nurse practice qualification examination will be published on the Chinese health talents website in the near future.