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Ranking of World Cup Winners

Ranking of World Cup winning times and list of historical world cup champions. People who like or don't like football in the world cup know the name of the game, and the winning team will become the hero team in people's hearts. How many times have these national teams won the championship? Which country has won the world cup? Today's editor in chief will bring you the world cup ranking and the list of historical world cup champions.

Ranking of World Cup winning times

Ranking team wins

1. Brazil 5

2. Germany 4

3. Italy 4

4. Argentina 2

5. Uruguay 2

6. England 1

7. France 1

8. Spain 1

The ranking of the number of World Cup winners is based on the statistics of the number of World Cup winners from Uruguay in 1930 to Brazil in 2014.

In history, there have been 20 world cups, of which Brazil has won 5 World Cup titles and 5 World Cup of Hercules, becoming the country with the most World Cup titles in history. Brazil won the world cup in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002, which is the origin of the title of "five star Brazil".

After winning the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Germany tied Italy's four World Cup winners. Argentina and Uruguay have won the World Cup twice, while England, France and Spain have won the world cup once respectively.

List of World Cup Winners

Champion of several years

First Uruguay in 1930

Italy in 1934

The third 1938 Italy

Fourth session 1950 Uruguay

The fifth West Germany in 1954

6th Brazil 1958

The 7th Brazil 1962

The eighth England 1966

9th Brazil 1970

10th West Germany 1974

The 11th Argentina 1978

12th Italy 1982

The 13th 1986 Argentina

14th West Germany 1990

The 15th Brazil 1994

16th France 1998

17th Brazil 2002

18th Italy 2006

19th Spain 2010

The 20th 2014 Germany