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How to choose a good donkey hide gelatin? How to distinguish good donkey hide gelatin

Now there are many things in the market that are false and true, and donkey hide gelatin is no exception, so how to distinguish good donkey hide gelatin? How to choose a good donkey hide gelatin? Let's have a look

How to distinguish donkey hide gelatin

In recent years, because of the exact effect of donkey hide gelatin in nourishing blood and skin, nourishing health and so on, it is loved by the majority of consumers. However, due to the shortage of raw materials, there are often fake and inferior products, so how can we buy good donkey hide gelatin?

In fact, it's very simple to distinguish donkey hide gelatin. The most important thing is to smell it first, and then to see the permeability of donkey hide gelatin. Because the main component of donkey hide gelatin is collagen, no odor, good light transmittance means that the content of collagen in small molecules of donkey hide gelatin is high, the content of impurities is small, and the gum is pure.

If you want to buy donkey hide gelatin, you can go to the drugstore for comparison. The surface of the top grade donkey hide gelatin looks smooth and bright, with even color and brown color. It gives a light breath to the surface of the rubber block, and has a light rubber smell with the nose. It's hard and brittle. It's broken when it's patted. The section is bright. It's translucent when it's shining on the light. It's bloody red. After the rubber block is powdered, take a proper amount and put it into the cup, add water, stir and dissolve it, then the rubber solution will be clarified, and there will be light rubber fragrance and sweet taste after the entry.