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What is the harm of abortion to women? What is the harm of abortion to women now many young men and women are more and more open. They get pregnant when they cohabit together carelessly. For those who are not ready to get married or become parents, they will basically choose stream of people. Even though the stream of people technology is very mature now, it still can't avoid the harm of stream of people to the girl's body, but do you know how much the stream of people does to the girl's body Come and have a look!

1. The harm of human flow to women's psychology is often ignored. Many women who have done human flow will think of their lost embryos and have a sense of guilt when they see her born in the year of human flow a few years later. She would think that if she didn't do it, my child would be so old.

2. Repeated absorption of the contents of the uterine cavity may cause adhesion of the uterine cavity and cervical canal, and may also cause blood accumulation in the uterine cavity or blood flowing into the abdominal cavity, causing endometriosis and periodic lower abdominal pain.

3. The basal layer of endometrium will be damaged repeatedly after abortion, so the functional layer can not grow again. At this time, although the ovarian function is intact, ovulation is timely every month, because the functional layer of endometrium can not regenerate after falling off, and it will not menstruate, so amenorrhea occurs.

4. Human pregnancy is a very complex physiological change process, in which the increasement of progesterone, the thickening of endometrium and the enlargement of breast are the manifestations of endocrine, which lay the foundation for the pregnancy of fetus. But the repeated artificial abortion operation, easy to cause the endocrine to occur the disorder, causes the menstruation not to adjust.

5. Repeat the artificial abortion operation, often to scrape off the endometrium, the more times, the greater the damage to the endometrium. When you want to be pregnant again, it is easy to have placental implantation and adhesion, resulting in dystocia and placental retention.

6. The endometrium could not be completely repaired in a short time after each abortion, and the cervical mucus embolism was wiped out during the operation. In this way, bacteria can easily enter the uterine cavity, causing endometritis and cervicitis.

7. When pregnant, the wall of uterus becomes soft and thin. If pregnant for many times and artificial abortion is performed for many times, it is easy to penetrate the soft and thin wall of uterus, causing perforation of uterus and endangering life.

Watch out! There will be accidents in the flow of painless people

What's more, it's worth noting that the advertisements of "painless flow of people" published on buses, radio, television stations and newspapers are obviously misleading. In fact, abortion is a kind of behavior that may cause harm to human body. Such advertisements only publicize their own medical services, deliberately conceal the possible medical consequences of abortion, and even encourage and encourage women to do abortion to a certain extent, which not only violates the regulations that "advertisements shall not contain false contents, and consumers shall not be deceived and misled", but also ignores life and health To the top.

"Painless abortion" is only to reduce the pain of surgery, and can not avoid the adverse consequences of abortion. Especially because it involves anesthesia, in addition to the possible complications such as bleeding and mucosal injury, it also increases the possibility of one of the most serious complications - anesthesia accident, that is, the risk of anesthesia and narcotic drugs. For example, after general anesthesia, the contractile function of the uterus is affected, and dystocia is easy to occur, resulting in increased bleeding or even massive bleeding; after anesthesia, the uterus becomes very soft and prone to perforation. In case of perforation and other side injuries, it is difficult to find them in time due to the patient's state of unconsciousness; in addition, there are often adverse reactions of anesthesia in clinic, such as respiratory inhibition, circulatory inhibition, drug allergy, etc.

Female friends often regard abortion as a remedy after an unexpected pregnancy, but many people don't know how much it hurts their bodies. Although the current technology of people flow is more and more advanced and the risk of people flow is lower and lower, it does not mean that there is no harm.